This term is a bit confusing. A lot of people do not know about it, even I had to scratch my memory for a minute to get to this word. Placed at the very back end of my mental vocabulary. Anyhow we will see in this article why and how these persons will help you in your daily life matters. 

These are some people who decide to serve people, they are civilians mostly working on their own as private business. Notary are a sort of a lawyer. Specially helping people with their legal matters. They are unlikely to be fighting a case for you, however they tend to advise you about matters you should not opt for. Otherwise you can be in hot waters. 

In USA they work as public officials to help people in their legal matters. Providing you apostille services. What kind of legal matters they are it will vary form person to person and business to business. They are known as notary public. They can be anyone who is well aware about the laws of the country and some knowledge about international and mercantile laws.  

In simple words they are some public officials in USA appointed by the government and state for helping people in legal matters. They have been working as organizations such as DC mobile notary They are not usually paid by government. Assigned and committed to help people, small businesses and institutions tend to hire them. lawyers are also working in groups which are generally known as law associates. 

Notary services are not free always: 

You can find a number of people who would be doing this practice, they only get a certification form government about helping people with the legal affairs. You can ask for guidance from them. 

They are not going to serve you for free every time, a banker for instance who has got a good grip on banking and business laws can be a notary. He just need a certification from the state. He would not be earning any money by the government, he can charge the clients on a lower rate than the  professional lawyer. 

Similarly, an activist a teacher, who want to help kids with children rights can be a notary serving with the school. He can ask for a fee or if he loves his students then it can be free.    

Their rates are not too high

Notary is not a professional lawyer. Thus, they are not going to charge you as much as a lawyer will be, however an experienced notary company may ask for some high fee because of their reputation and trustworthiness. 

They notarize your documents 

You can assume them as a signing committee. They are appointed to make your document approved and verified. You can send and circulate your documents, agreements or any kind of complaints with out the fear of getting in hot waters. 

An notarized document is an attested document. In some developing countries government officials of various scale are supposed to be eligible for signing your documents. Making them ready to be accepted in various processes.

After detailed examination the executive person which is the notary, creates a document for you which claims that your documents are ready for acceptance. 

Online notarizing system 

In various states, you can ask for an online notary service. you can do this by scanning your documents and sending it over. Secondly, you will have to show the documents through video call or you might need to send the copies of your document if the other side board is a meticulous and strict one. 

Some states have upgraded it for more convenience. You can download application in your android and IOs smart phone for rapid and instant assistance. Notary service availed online can  be a bit risky because you do not know the credibility of the notary. Thus, you will have to be quite alert in this regard for avoiding any sort of inconvenience or issues. 

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