Influencer database is a kind of tool that brands and agencies can use to vet influencers and narrow down which influencers they’d like to work with. While each product varies. Basically Influencer marketing is a type of marketing where we focus on using key leaders to run your brand’s message to the larger market. Marketing directly to a large group of consumers is a bad idea. Today we are discussing a very good and reliable tool.

Most useful influencer in the market is InflueNex. What is influNex? 

“InflueNex is a platform that helps you to find the best influencer in the market in an easier way. Influencer marketing will be easier than ever” InflueNex is a service where you can use in order to not only track the performance of YouTube influencers but also discover them. We’re going to be teaching you how to find an influencer for your business, but do not forget that InflueNex can also be used in order to perform data collection or even to contact the influencer.

  • Features of InfluNex:
  1. Help You Find the Right YouTube Influencers 
  2. Gain Deep Insights into Influencer Data 
  3. Influencer engagement 

Here are some features to discussed. You can easily find right YouTube influencers in influNex. Gain your deep insights into the influencer data and influencer engagement with them. 


  • Channel Performance Analytics:

One of the first thing that you should be looking or remember at when it comes to finding influencers to reach out to, is the performance of their YouTube channels. Not just their views, make sure to look at the amount of engagement this influencer has on their posts. What are their average likes per post? These are things that will give you an idea on how a YouTuber is doing, and the amount of reach that you will be able to get.

  • Keyword search:

Go to the InflueNex official site and here, use its keyword search field to type most relevant tags and keywords to find the potential influencer for your business. 

  • Use the filters:

Now, you can use the InflueNex advanced filters for the different category including subscriber count, activity time, price range, language, country and much more. These options will help you to find the most appropriate influencer. Once filling out the parameters, click the “Search” button. 

  • Keyword Compatibility:

One of the things influencer’s focus on when it comes to their content is keyword research. This is the base highlights that they’re hitting with their content. Be it the games they play, the things that they do during their day, the tech they review, etc. So, if you can, try to use a marketing tool like InflueNex in order to find influencers that are providing content that is related to your business.

  • Connect with influencers:

You will move to the dashboard of the selected YouTuber influencer analytics. Once you make your mind to connect with the selected one, click “Send Invite” button located at the top of the chosen influencer dashboard.


When you selecting an influencer for your business large or small, it’s very important to have a good main objective to choose the right one. Also picking the right social media evaluator tool makes a big difference. That’s why we recommended you to try out InflueNex as it has been helping so many businesses to find and connect with the right influencers.

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