What’s in the power of a name? Well, according to some psychologists, just about everything.

In fact, studies show that when a person makes a point to use someone’s name in a conversation, they are generally more trusted and more well-liked.

So, does that translate to the workplace as well? Absolutely! Wearing name tags can help improve your customer service and maybe even help you close more sales.

Keep reading to learn about five reasons you should be using custom name tags at your business.

  1. Develop Relationships

When you know someone’s name, you feel more of a connection with them. This is beneficial when customer service agents are trying to de-escalate a tense situation with a client.

Business name tags help humanize your employees, making it easier for them to make connections with your customers.

As a result, your customers will feel more comfortable and may even have more confidence in your business.

  1. Promote Accountability

When your employees wear their name tags, they can feel a sense of responsibility, because now their reputation is on the line.

If they provide excellent customer service to a client, their name is there for the client to see. This makes it easier for the client to pass on words of praise to upper-level management.

Of course, the opposite is also true. If an employee contributes to a poor customer experience, it’s harder for them to deflect blame if the client knows their name.

  1. Build Brand Recognition

When you order corporate name tags, it’s a good idea to brand them with your company logo. This puts your brand front and center for your employees and potential customers.

When your employees put on their name tags each day, it’s a reminder to them that they represent your brand and they should behave accordingly.

And, if they wear their name tags out in public, say, while they’re on a lunch break, it can put your brand in front of the eyes of potential customers.

  1. Promote Professionalism

When you take the time to go through the process of buying name tags for your employees, it displays a certain level of professionalism.

This simple act tells your customers that you’re invested in your business and its longevity.

When it comes to choosing between your company and a competitor, a strong sense of professionalism could be the difference-maker.

  1. Enhance Workplace Security

If you work at a larger company, it’s very likely that you don’t know every employee. So, how would you recognize if someone in the building is not supposed to be there?

By making every employee wear a name tag, you can quickly identify whether or not someone belongs.

This also benefits your customers, as it makes a clear distinction between people who are helpful employees and those who are fellow customers.

Boost Your Business With Name Tags

Buying name tags for your employees is a simple task, but as you’ve learned above, it comes with plenty of benefits. This could be the very thing that helps your company move to the next level of success.

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