There’s always an occasion or an event on the horizon – a birthday, anniversary, date, holiday, or any day or time when you would like to show the love of your life just how much she means to you. For some males, this means a fun journey to the jeweller to carefully select something gorgeous and pretty, and you know that she is going to love whatever you choose. For others, it just means asking advice from friends, colleagues, family members or even websites as to how to choose that ideal piece. 

come on, when you are planning to give a ring to your loved one make sure that it is pretty, comfortable and stylish. And the journey of choosing the right piece must not be an intimidating one. Whether you choose from Waman hari pethe ring collection or any other category; there are options that would fit in your choices. Following are a few important things that you can do to ensure that you make the best choice.

Take hints from her current tastes

The finest way to know what she likes is to see what she wears. Does she like thatchunky jewellery that has some weight to it and really makes a stunning statement, or are her pieces more subtle and understated or modest? Relying on what you’re looking to buy, evaluate her appearance from top to bottom:


Does she have pierced ears? In case that is the case   , does she prefer stud earrings (the small ones that don’t hang below the earlobe), or those dangly ones? If she likes earrings that dangle, find out whether her collection includes more hoops, chandelier-style or that of other drop-type earrings. The more you would delve in the options the better you would be able to choose. There is no shortage of variety but there is shortage of patience and creativity. Make sure that you look for an earring with patience.


Your darling might have a preferred everyday necklace that she wears for play or work, along with a few dressier pieces that she wears for those special occasions. in case you look at her collection, find out whether she incline  to favour chain necklaces with pendants, or that of solid ones where the necklace itself is the fascination. Also, you can find out whether they are choker-length, short, long and whether she loves chain-link, beads or that of something altogether different.Ah, yes there are options and within options there are sub-options in designs. That is the reason you need to search a little before you make a choice.


Bangles, Rope, Charms, Mesh: There are plenty of options for what she decides to adorn her wrists. Part of picking the bracelets can be based on her lifestyle – in case she has a profession like teaching children or as that of a medical professional, chunky or bangle bracelets may not suit her routine or everyday life. She might have diverse tastes and a wide selection in her collection, and in case that is the case, it just means that she is probable to relish a wider range of jewellery.


Does she wear rings? Do you think rings would look gorgeous on her? What type of ring she might love to wear?  If she wears rings, what are the types of rings? Do you think you can add a new style to her rings collection? Do you actually know her size? Can you afford to choose a design that you think she loves too?

You know like other type of jewellery, women sometimes pick the rings based on what they do every day. In case she’s in a medical or food-handling field and needs to wear gloves, tinier rings would likely be a better option or choice than one with gems that stand up erect. Also, in case she cares for young children or babies, she will wish to have something that doesn’t have any hems that could potentially scratch them. And, as with anything else, her personal chic will be reflected in the rings she carries. Does she like something huge and eye-catching, or something tinier? Does she incline to go for unique or more typical styles? Try to take a look at her collection and see where her tastes lie.

Selecting a metal and filigree

Most of the fine jewellery is made of one of three metals: platinum, gold or even silver. To decide what her gift is going to be, investigate what she prefers when talking about metals. Some females do have a strong preference as to a metal of choice, but others love to change things up based on their dresses or moods.Platinum is absolutely hypoallergenic and therefore perfect for those having sensitive skin. It is absolutely durable, tarnish-resistant and easy to care for. It has a naturally white sheen.


It can be white, yellow, rose (that appears pinkish because of the addition of copper) or black. Gold is also resilient to rust, tarnish or corrosion. The number of karats measures its durability; a piece of jewellerymight be 22k, 18k, 14k or even 10k. You may not have seen black gold, but it is spectacular– a black gold piece is bold and distinct with a black and grey shine that caters a classic finish to any piece of jewellery.

Sterling silver 

It can be a more cost-effective option than gold or platinum, and it is also durable and gorgeous.You know some women choose a metal based on how it appears with her specific features, such as hair color, eye color or even something different. Look at what she usually wears to see if she tends to wear more of one than another. In case that is the scene, it could be a great option. Or in case she has lots of silver, a gold piece could be something that would be additional special that would add some diversity and shade to her collection.


It is ornamental and it is lace-like work of fine wire that is shaped into delicate jewellery. It is mostly decorative, and might be just about any design. A look at whether or not her  jewellerypossess filigree and what its qualities are can tell you much about her tastes. Perhaps she loves simple, smooth looks – in that case, filigree could not be her style. But, in case she likes distinct design, patterns and a more ornamental and decorative quality, the filigree will make the perfect piece.


You might have heard that “diamonds are a female’s best friend”, but that could not be the case. Sure, some females love a big sparkler on their fingers or around their necks, but some have other gemstones that are their preference. 

You can also think about her birthstone. A birthstone ring, earrings or pendant could be just the thing to add a splash of charm to her collection that will be special because of its importance.


So, what are you thinking about now? Go ahead and pick the best item for your beloved wife or spouse and make a special impact on her!Waman hari pethe rings can be the perfect place to start from!

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