If you want to begin cooking and becoming a better chef, then I recommend that you begin investing in the right equipment. A food processor should be one of the first on your list, which can cut the time and effort of preparing your food. But with the many food processors available out there, it can get quite tricky looking for one that suits your budget and household!

Fortunately, there are ways to help you out. So read on as I show you the different factors and tips to consider when you’re buying a food processor!


Make sure that what you choose has the power to pulse through all the different fruits, vegetables, nuts, or other ingredients you add in. It should be able to handle tough jobs, such as kneading dough, chopping raw vegetables, or shredding cheese. If not, then you’ll end up having a burned out motor and a food processor that won’t work. Go for a motor that has at least 600 watts.

Attachments and Accessories Included

There are some food processors which come with a ton of accessories to make your machine even more useful. Some come with different work bowls or blades, others have discs that grate and slice, or attachment with speed settings that enable you to use your processor as a juicer or kneader. But before you spend more for the extra accessories, consider whether you’ll be using it or not.

Brand and Price

Yes, the brand does matter because with trusted names and companies, you’ll be assured something built to perform effectively. I would recommend that you look into reviews like what babes has to offer, starting out with reputable brands with more positive, legitimate reviews from babys. But you should also take account your budget, as processors can range between $50 to $200! Choose a good brand with features you need and the efficient performance.


An effective food processor should have different types of strong blades, which will be able to do different things such as grind, puree, chop, or others! But look into the material as well, which should be made out of quality stainless steel to chop through hard ingredients like nuts or vegetables. Not only that but they are extremely durable as well!

Size and Capacity

There are different-sized food processors, some of them accommodating three cups or a whopping 20 cups! The latter is best for restaurant kitchens or for those usually cooking in big batches at home.

The size would mostly depend on the number of people you accommodate when you cook your meals. For those who usually cook for a family of four, a ten-cup processor will work just fine.

Functions and Features

Most food processors usually come with one motor speed with a small tube opening to add ingredients while you process food. I recommend that you get processors that have a pulse button for small bursts of power, as well as a smooth touch pad for controls. Consider the price and need if you’re looking at processors with more speed controls.


The standard warranty for most home appliances is one year, with some manufacturers offering extended warranties, specifically for the motor. Quality food processors offer longer warranties on certain parts as well, some of which going for up to five years. They may be a bit more expensive than others but their warranties make it a good deal.

Can You Juice?

If you want to juice with your food processor then there are separate attachments called juice extractors or juicers. You can invest in these for better juicing if you want quality juice or opt to find a processor that will be able to juice when needed. Again, consider what controls you need!

Dishwasher Safe and Solid Body?

Lastly, you’ll want to make sure that your food processor has the solid body built to last! I recommend that you go for processors that have solid bodies and wider bases for stability. Additionally, it should also be dishwasher safe for effective and easy cleaning rather than do it manually!

Wrapping It Up

Through investing in the right kitchen equipment, you will be able to achieve better quality dishes and quicker time preparing! There’s no more need to cut or chop on your own anymore. But that is, if you choose the right one for YOU!


I hope that this article on what to look for when buying a food processor helped you find out what you need to invest in for your kitchen. So don’t wait any longer and make the right investments today!

If you have any questions or would like to share your tips and experiences on purchasing a food processor then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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