People are already constantly overwhelmed, and now we have higher expectations for ourselves and others than ever before. You want to succeed at work, at home, and in your relationships. You even want to succeed on social media, crafting posts that make your life seem perfect so you’ll rack up the likes. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re constantly striving to tackle everything and make everyone else happy. If you’re feeling burnt out or emotionally drained, here are a few ways to get back on track.

Start therapy.

For many, you can feel overwhelmed when you don’t have an outlet. You’re keeping your feelings bottled up and, eventually, they will explode. Not being able to express yourself is a surefire way to feel frustrated. Working with a therapist will give you a safe space to discuss and understand your emotions. A mental health counselor can help you understand your specific needs and what you can do to slow down or speed up, depending on why you’re overwhelmed. If you find yourself failing to complete assignments at work because you just never get around to them, your therapist can help you jump start positive energy. If you’re taking on too much throughout the day, your counselor will help you learn how to slow down and take time for yourself. NYC therapy can improve your mental health and give you the skills you need to change your mindset. Through cognitive behavioral therapy, you might find the perfect tool that keeps you centered and balanced.

Take time off work.

For many people, work is the most stressful thing in their lives. They’re overwhelmed by deadlines and expectations. They might work well over forty hours a week and feel like they don’t have any time for themselves. If you can, take some time off work. Use the vacation days that you’ve saved up. Look at your company’s policies to see how much time off you’re allowed. Many businesses allow employees to accrue vacation time, so you might have days, weeks, or months of time off available to you. Ask your boss for vacation time and make sure you have a plan for how your work will be handled. Asking someone to cover some of your tasks and owing him or her a favor will be worth it if the vacation is what you need to feel relaxed. Don’t be afraid to ask for the time off. Chances are your boss has already noticed that you’re overwhelmed and will be happy to give you the days you need to de-stress.

Don’t continue to struggle with your feelings. Reach out to a counselor or make a change with your home or work. Doing something for yourself could be just what you need to get back on track.

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