Now that summer is officially here it’s time to think about how you can make the most of your garden. There are lots of different things that you can do all year around, but during the summer there are certain tasks that are worth taking into consideration to really make the most of the warmer season. 

From the design and layout of your garden, to certain safety elements, the following post covers a number of things for you to consider whilst gardening during the sunny month ahead

Greenhouse Considerations

If you’re someone who loves to grow produce in the greenhouse, then there are a few things you need to think about to ensure the summer weather doesn’t have an impact on your projects. Whilst the constant sun can be a blessing for your produce, it can also have a negative impact if too much sunlight is received, so it’s important to think about greenhouse shading and how to keep your greenhouse exposed to the right level of sunlight throughout each day.

Greenhouse shading is designed to shield your greenhouse (and its contents) from direct sunlight, which can help to filter the heat from the direct light, resulting in a positive growing environment for your projects. 

Tackle the Weeds

Sunshine and high temperatures can result in an abundance of weeds growing around the garden, so it’s really important to get on top of them and tackle them from the start of summer. If you leave the weeds to grow, they’ll spread and become stronger which will make it much harder for you in the coming months. Once you notice the pesky weeds starting to grow, tackle them straight away to prevent them from growing back. 

Watering Schedul

Creating a watering schedule in June for the coming months is really good for ensuring your plants are receiving the water they require to stay healthy and grow properly. By watering your plants at set times each day your plants will have the best chance of growing to their full potential, keeping them protected from the heat and sunlight. 

Garden Safety

When spending lots of time out in the garden, especially during the warmer months, it can be easy to forget equipment and leave certain items outside overnight. This can cause security risks, as leaving certain pieces of equipment out could result in it being stolen or used to break into the home. Be sure not to leave items like ladders propped up next to fencing, along with recycling bins near gates and so on. The less there is to tempt unwanted visitors into your garden the better. 

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