Sprucing up your home can be a very rewarding and worthwhile undertaking, and not only for those who enjoy DIY. Whether the motivation behind making some changes is practical or simply aesthetic, home improvement projects can have a big impact on how we feel in day to day life. While some projects are complex and may well need either a lot of specialist knowledge, or the hiring of professionals, there are also plenty of things that are easy and cost effective for you to do yourself. Below are our top 3 activities for sprucing up the home without breaking the bank, or your back! These fundamental and transformative things will help change the overall feel of a room and create a backdrop to any new furniture or features your thinking of adding.

Replace Carpets

If your home is mostly carpeted, why not consider replacing them in some instances with wood flooring? Many homeowners have decided to spruce up their living room, kitchen or even bathrooms to dramatic effect using beautiful solid wood flooring. This top-quality option makes the home look a lot more modern and is both easier and more affordable than a lot of people realise.

Laying this type of flooring really doesn’t need to be a major project, and such an undertaking could be made easier still if you purchase click flooring. This allows people to lay the flooring themselves in a very simple way with minimum effort. What’s more, once placed, the flooring will require only minimal effort to maintain, and thus the lifespan of wooden floors far exceeds that of carpets.


People can choose many different lighting options for their home that can help with spicing up some of the rooms. Consider moving away from the conventional lamp shades and move onto something jazzier. You may even wish to bring a level of different colours onto the lights for effect. Place lights at all levels so you have more options than just what is available from the ceiling light. These can also be changed with a dimmer switch which will allow the mood to change.


When someone purchases a new home then they will immediately see that usually all the walls of the home are bare and painted white. Some people enjoy this look as it is plain and simple. To spice it up though, you may wish to consider changing the default white walls to something a little more colourful. You can either paint full walls or even parts of a wall in a different colour. In addition to this, you may opt to go for fitting wallpaper in the room affected. Both options are simple projects that could be completed on your own.

Our Verdict

By thinking creatively there are some very simple things people can do to spice up their own home interior. Neither of these projects are massive in terms of costs or time and can be completed quite easily by an individual with basic DIY skills. Start to spice up your own home today.

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