Dubai is considered to be one of the fastest growing cities in the world. It is expected that over the next three years its population will be replenished by at least 300 thousand people, and by 2030 it will exceed 3.4 million.

A stable political situation, a thriving economy, and a flexible labor market attract thousands of foreign specialists in various professions to Dubai. Only due to the grand event – the World Expo 2020, local authorities plan to create at least 270 thousand additional jobs.

A significant advantage of employment in Dubai is the lack of income tax. In fact, all earnings remain with expats. There is no official minimum wage in the UAE. The estimated income level depends on numerous factors, including qualifications, experience, education, nationality, and a particular company. The average salary in Dubai in 2019 is about USD 4,000–5,000 a month. A maid or nanny can have $200-800, and a pilot gets about $8,000-13,000.

The United Arab Emirates attracts applicants from different countries and continents. People get the opportunity to visit another country, feel the local flavor, make new acquaintances, gain invaluable experience in such an active business center as Dubai. Foreigners are looking for the following jobs in Dubai: hotel service (receptionists, attendants, etc.), hospital facilities, food service companies (cafes and restaurants), trading companies, etc. However, applicants must meet certain criteria:

speak English;

have experience in the area for which position a person applies for;

be of the age from 21 to 35 years.

Jobs in the UAE

Contrary to popular belief, oil is not the backbone of Dubai’s economy. Therefore, jobs in the oil industry are not considered to be the most popular here. Today the city is successfully developing thanks to the areas of tourism, construction, aviation, financial and banking services, real estate and trade. These areas are of particular interest for those who look for jobs in Dubai in 2019.

Work in Dubai, for the most part, is represented by vacancies in the service sector. A payment offered is fairly high – from $600 to $1200 with accommodation and meals. So, you can get settled as a barista, a specialist in customer service, restaurant manager/assistant, hostess.

However, not only jobs in the service sector are in demand here, medical coding and nursing jobs in the UAE are no less popular: nurses, midwives, surgeons, veterinarians, dermatologists, ophthalmologists, plastic surgeons, and urologists are required regularly (you can find the desired job offer at a special job searching site, like this one: Prestigious hospitals often place orders for competent specialists and offer really high wages.

How to find ang get a job in Dubai?

Job search here does not differ from the countries of Europe or America. Applicants can rely on their efforts using the Internet. Just enter the query “find a job in Dubai” and see all the options that the search engine will give you. In order not to face scammers, it is better to read reviews about the company immediately. So you will understand whether to consider such a proposal seriously. An alternative to self-searching is the cooperation with professional agencies that can help with:

Search for a proven employer;

Provision of an optimal working contract;

Preparing for an interview;

Provision of information materials;

Obtaining a visa and buying tickets in both directions;

Registration of health insurance;

Clarification of details on accommodation and meals.

To complete the interview and become a full-fledged employee in the UAE one needs help in preparation for testing, which can be held with the support of the employment agency. Also, the determination and appearance of the applicant affect the result of an interview. It is important to observe strict business style in clothes, to behave with restraint and courteously.

In most cases, in order to move to Dubai for employment, it is necessary to find an employer in advance; this person will act as a so-called foreigner sponsor. In other words, a local company takes full responsibility for obtaining a residence visa and a work card.

Moreover, it assumes other obligations to local services related to the hiring of a foreign specialist, including financial costs and paperwork. An applicant must comply with the instructions of the employer and timely send the required documents.

At the first stage, a residence visa is issued, which allows one to live and work in Dubai for a maximum of 2-3 years, after that the document is renewable. One of the main conditions for obtaining is a full medical examination at a local clinic.

Today, the interest of foreign investors in Dubai is gaining new momentum. The city constantly hosts international exhibitions, conferences, and important economic events. All this contributes to the creation of new jobs in Dubai for qualified foreign specialists.

So do not miss your chance – find your jobs in the UAE.

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