If one day the police show up at your door and take you to the station for questioning for a crime that you have not committed, this is a serious problem. You may think that the problem will resolve on its own since you never actually committed the crime in the first place, you’re in for a surprise.

Getting falsely accused of a crime is a common thing in the U.S, especially if you are living in a notorious neighborhood. If you are taken to the police station for questioning, you will most likely be charged as well unless you have a Rochester criminal defense attorney on your side.

Here are some important things to keep in mind if you ever get falsely accused of a crime you never committed.

The Prosecutor is Clever Enough to Make You Look Guilty

A prosecutor is a lawyer hired by the accusing party against you to make sure that you look guilty in front of the court. Because a prosecutor is experienced in law, he/she may lead you to answer questions in such a way that they can easily use them against you. 

This is why no matter what you are being charged off, and no matter how big or small the charge is, you should always hire legal help of your own. Your lawyer will defend you against tough prosecutors and can help you keep away from serving time in prison. 

More Reasons to Hire a Lawyer

It may seem like that you can survive a falsely accused criminal charge on your own, but it is usually the other way around. Your best defense against this is an experienced lawyer. They benefit you in more ways than you can count.

For example, since every criminal case is unique, the lawyer will spend hours analyzing your particular case and will come up with tried and tested ways to defend you. And if that isn’t enough, sometimes the case against you is so strong that you will have to go through penalties.

But if you have a good lawyer on your side, they can help reduce these penalties significantly. In a recent case where a man was falsely accused of a criminal charge, he was about to get penalties that meant serving jail time for life and paying a huge fine. But thanks to an experienced lawyer on his side, he was able to reduce the penalties and was only tasked with community work for a few months.

As a general rule, never assume that such a case against you will be dropped by the police or the court on its own. You will need help and you will need help fast. So instead of wasting time, when you are brought to questioning at a police station, demand to call your lawyer. Do not answer any of their questions unless and until your lawyer allows you to. 


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