A conveyor belt is used to transport goods in a straight line or at a different elevation. They are safe to transport material from one level to another. There is a large inventory of conveyor belts in different industries to keep the conveyors running. 

A used conveyor belt is inexpensive and a good alternative for the warehouse industry. You need to be careful when making such purchases. Here are some precautions you need to take when buying second-hand conveyor belts. 


When you buy a used conveyor belt, the first thing you need to look at is its dimensions – the width and length of the belt. It would help if you had accurate belt dimensions to ensure no additional constructions are required when installing the conveyor to the existing platform. 

Specifications like the size and weight of the conveyor belt are crucial as they decide the smooth production in the unit. The conveyor belt weight should be compatible with product weight as heavy substances can wrap or bend the conveyor belt. 

The conveyor belt size is also crucial as the manufactured items should fit comfortably on the belt. If you ignore this aspect, the product transported on the conveyor belt could get entangled in the belt and cause a technical glitch that will affect other processes in the unit. 

Incline/Decline Requirements

As mentioned earlier, the conveyor is also used to move items to higher or lower levels safely. If the conveyor belt moves the items at a higher level, it should have stoppers at regular intervals so that items sitting on the belt do not fall. 

Make Sure the Conveyor Belt Is In Good Condition 

Second-hand products may not come with a guarantee. Regular use causes wear and tear, while no use (idling) of such products for a long time causes technical problems. Hence, you need to perform a thorough inspection of a used conveyor belt before buying it.

If necessary, you can consider a professional inspection that will rule out any problems later. Any parts that are worn out need to be replaced before installing the conveyor at your unit. 

Clean Belts 

If the conveyor belt was used in the food industry, you need to get them cleaned. Make sure there is no buildup on pulleys or underneath belts as it leads to rust buildup. The conveyor belt should be disassembled, pulleys removed, and cleaned from all sides. 

After cleaning, the belt should be re-tensioned and tracked correctly so that it works properly. 

Examine Environmental Conditions 

Before you buy a second-hand conveyor belt, you need to examine the environmental conditions of your unit. Some of the items transported on the conveyor belt might not withstand extreme cold or hot temperatures in the unit. The materials you will transport on the conveyor belt should be compatible with the material used to construct the conveyor belt. 

To sum up, the conveyor belt is an essential component in your unit that will play an important role in smooth production. Used conveyor belts are not always in the best conditions like the new ones, and hence you need to be careful and take certain precautions to ensure a good buy. 

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