As medical professionals and consumers alike try to find more ways to practice healthier lifestyles, more alternative forms of wellness are popping up in the market. One popular product that’s impressing consumers and researchers is CBD, or cannabidiol.

CBD is a non-intoxicating extract of cannabis that’s become popular for its many health benefits. More and more people are turning to CBD for help with relieving pain and symptoms of other illnesses, and it’s worth a shot to see how CBD can help you. Here are five ways you can benefit from using CBD.

Relieving pain

Studies have shown that CBD oil and other related non-intoxicating cannabis products have a positive effect in relieving pain in patients. Namely, the use of these products is linked to easing arthritic pain. Multiple studies listed by Medical News Today show that tests on animals reveal how CBD oil and related products can ease arthritis and inflammation.

One can assume that these same products could be used to help with pain from other issues. The human body has something called the endocannabinoid system, which regulates sleep, appetite, immune system responses and (you guessed it) pain.

Reducing anxiety

A more natural approach to treating anxiety, CBD oil has made a name for itself as a replacement to potentially-addictive medications like benzodiazepines. Though many thrive off of using medications prescribed for them, others do not respond as positively.

In one study, 24 individuals diagnosed with social anxiety disorder were given either a placebo pill or 600 mg of CBD oil. The group that received the CBD oil saw much lower levels of anxiety.

Clearing skin

No one looks back on their teenage years and misses acne. A common skin condition where hair follicles get clogged with oil and dead skin, the days of popping gross white and blackheads are not something to be missed. One potential solution to this skin issue is CBD oil. you can check more information at Hkherbarium blog.

While in your formative years, your skin emits oily matter, or sebum, from the sebaceous glands. This happens more so during your teen years than during most of your life. Studies found that CBD oil can prevent the excessive release of sebum, thus lessening the amount of dirt and oil clogging your pores.

Preventing serious bodily health issues

CBD oil also has the potential to protect your body from harm by promoting heart and neurological health.

CBD is currently being examined for its neuroprotective qualities. For example, Sativex, a spray consisting of both CBD and THC, can reduce muscle spasticity in those with multiple sclerosis, and Sativex can also reduce seizures for those with epilepsy and in children with Dravet syndrome.

As for heart health, CBD can potentially reduce high blood pressure. High blood pressure has been linked to numerous heart conditions like strokes, metabolic syndrome and heart attacks.

Help with mental illness

Mental illness has been at the forefront of our national conversation for a while now, and with more people destigmatizing mental disorders, doctors are looking for more products to confront our nation’s needs.

Not only has CBD been found to help anxiety, it also can assist in lessening the symptoms of depression. In several animal studies, CBD was found to have antidepressant effects. CBD oil can also be helpful in cases of patients with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Ultimately, different treatments work for different people. On top of the different benefits of CBD, there are many ways in which you can consume the product. For example, there are CBD edibles and oils that can be added to your everyday food and beverages. Consulting your doctor on CBD and other potential treatments can help you in making the right medical choices for you.

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