Trauma Injury Claim

If you are a victim of blunt-force head trauma, you may be entitled to seek compensation for all your losses resulting from the injury. This may include expenses such as medical costs and other economic and non-economic damages. The victims are suggested to consult a Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer to get the best legal guidance on their claim. The losses covered in the trauma injury claim for blunt force are as follows.

1. Medical expenditures

If you have been a victim of blunt force trauma to your head, the person responsible for the injury is liable to compensate for all the costs incurred due to the hospital bills. The compensation includes all the money spent on primary treatment, continued care, and rehabilitation charges. All the medicines, therapy session bills, regular checkups, and medical tests are included in them. The victims are suggested to wait until they reach maximum medical improvement before filing a claim regarding their medical expenses and reimbursement.

2. Loss of income and effect on the earning abilities of the victim due to trauma

A severe accident leads to a loss of wages due to the inability to continue work. The victims may experience difficulty in getting work. They may have to take temporary leaves for recovery or even permanent leave in case of severe cases. The loss of work ultimately impacts the financial condition of the impacted individuals as they lose their source of income. Their inability to continue working further worsens the situation and complicates it even more.

Blunt force injuries are known for causing long-term complications in the impacted individuals’ careers. Their capacity for task performance is reduced, and people end up losing potential career options due to their symptoms. This further leads to a decreased ability to generate income and complete abandonment of their professional career in some instances. However, it is possible to seek compensation for such damages with the help of traumatic brain injury lawsuits.

3. Pain and Suffering

Blunt-force head trauma injuries lead to excruciating pain and suffering experienced by the victims. The pain does not involve only physical trauma; the victims are also faced with emotional and mental issues. Their physical and emotional health gets destroyed due to the accident, which leads to reduced quality of life and lack of enjoyment.

Contact a lawyer!

It is essential to seek help from a personal injury lawyer who can guide you about how to file a claim and seek maximum compensation.

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