Amethi is the major town under the Amethi district of Faziabad division.From 1980, it has been the constituency of Nehru-Gandhi family. Amethi is now well connected to the major cities of the Uttarpradesh and other parts of the countries via Indian Railways as well as through road also. Today people can get direct trains from Amethi railways station to Jammu, Delhi, Amritsar, Kanpur, Lucknow, Jaipur, Haridwar, Dehradun, Allahabad, Puri, Kolkata, Bhopal, Mumbai and Bangalore as well.

History of Amethi:

In the past Amethi was called Raipur Amethi.  Amethi is famous for the old fort of Raja, Hanumangarhi temple and a mosque which were built almost about 100 years ago.

Amethi was one of the most backward regions in the country before entrance of Rajiv Gandhi into politics. He dedicated the major part of his working life towards the poor people living here.

Current Stage of Amethi:

In a span of 10 years, Amethi grew on different areas including agriculture, industrialization, education, health, law and firm and many more. It is valuable to say that before Rajiv Gandhi, Amethi was a barren land and the soil here was infertile due to alkalinity but with strong efforts of Gandhi family and Congress Amethi has now transformed into a lush green farms with quality productivity.

Development in Amethi:

If we look into the past, then before Rajiv Gandhi came into the politics in 1980, it was a backward area. Once he comes in a power, he choose that place as per his own interest so that he can develop the place and make it as Industrial and Technological area. He started to improve the situation by developing lots of things one by one. Our current Congress MP Rahul Gandhi is also following the same path and trying to do as much development as possible. Yes, it may happen that Rahul Gandhi has faced lots of criticism for his leadership quality from many quarters but when we talk about Amethi, it is that place of India where not only emotional attachment is there with Gandhi family but also the logical reason is present behind it.

Rahul Gandhi is following his father’s rule silently and his main focus is on the development in Amethi with the development of the Agriculture, education and Transport with Railway and Road connectivity. A dramatic change has been found in the agriculture, industry and technology and connectivity area of Amethi. Today Amethi has not only the best Railways and road connectivity to all the major cities of India but built a great infrastructure in the industrial area. This in terms results in better trade, employment as well as lifestyle of people.

Even you could find large scale of industries and Public sectors that are already becoming the part of the Amethi and nearby area:

  • M/S Indogulf Fertilizers, Industrial Area, Jagdishpur
  • M/S Bharat Heavy Electronic Limited (BHEL), Industrial Area, Jagdishpur
  • M/S A.C.C. Ltd., Industrial Area, Tikaria-Gauriganj
  • M/S H.A.L.Korwa, Munsiganj
  • M/S Bharat Heavy Electronic Limited (BHEL), Industrial Area, Jagdishpur
  • Steel Authority India limited.
  • Rail Neer Plant.
  • Ordinance Factory,Korwa
  • Mega Food Park etc

Even lots of new units are under constructions:

  • M/S Indogulf Fertilizers, Industrial area, Jagdishpur
  • M/S A.C.C. Ltd., Industrial Area, Tikaria-Gauriganj
  • M/S A.C.C. Ltd., Industrial Area, Tikaria-Gauriganj

Even the educational sector has also developed under Congress guidance. Several types of public schools, engineering colleges, pharmaceutical colleges, pharmacy, IIIT and Rajiv Gandhi Petroleum Institute, Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Udaan Academy and many more educational institute as been developed in Amethi.

Now, it is the time to discuss about the healthcare development. Amethi has its world class healthcare institutions that are providing free treatment to all the sections of the society. The development in the health care industry is mind blogging. Even the healthcare centres are educating people why to testblood, urine and other parts of your body so that you can understand what type of disease you have and what type of treatment you require.

While BJP is investing money in building temple and statues, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi used his own funds for the farmer’s development in Amethi. Few months back, Rahul Gandhi had a discussion with the farmers of Amethi and got to know about the scope of the banana cultivation in that area. After that party president Rahul Gandhi bring 40,000 banana saplings with g-9 varieties from Israel and send it to the farmers. It is being said that these saplings are highly yielding that will help the farmer to increase their income with low cost investment. So, it is one of the biggest development in Amethi is recent phase and it is very clear that agricultural development is also going good in Amethi.

So, previously Amethi was agricultural based society but it is the Gandhi family and Rahul Gandhi whose vision is to encourage it as industrialization area with proper development to provide better and wider scope of employment to the people of Amethi.

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