As a startup, every other company tends to utilize Social Media these days to propagate their business and create awareness. There are thousands of posts that are flashed on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linked every day, that promote startup ventures; advertising what they do, how they are different than the competitors and what they can offer for their customers. But Should that be the only online marketing tool for your business? Would Social Media alone be able to bear the load of uplifting your business efficiently, that’s a question many young entrepreneurs have in mind.

Undoubtedly, Social Media has lot of benefits, but can it replace a professional website and give your business that extra boost is something worth speculating about. Let’s explore the benefits of each and see the difference as well.

Benefits of Social Media for a business:

No Cost Involved: The fact that it is “Free of charge” attracts many small businesses and startups towards It like bees to honey; but is it as impactful as a professional website?

No Technical Expertise required: Anyone and everyone these days can register their business online on any popular social media websites; all you need to do is fill up some forms, give some stats about your business and you’re away.

Augmented for Search Engines: Since social media websites are already listed and trusted on search engines they can get priority in SEO searches. There’s lots of shared content available on these platforms, hence the proximity of your business showing up is also higher. Due to this reason social media is certainly worth investing some of your time and marketing budget.

Can Spread word-of-mouth: Social media is all about your contacts, the more your contacts, the better it is for you while marketing your company. But the drawback is that you can only reach out to people you know and their acquaintances, but what about entire world that you can target to create your brand awareness?

Lack of Enterprise value: Social media marketing has now been hyped so much and everyone is advertising something or the other that the general phenomenon has become such that if the company is creating a page on a social media website and doesn’t have an official website, then there is a question mark on its credibility.

What does a Professional website do for your business:

Design your own Website the way you want: Design and publicize your website in your style; control your online Presence without depending upon any other website. Social media sites are places where you can stop by to frequently advertise your brand image; but your Website is where the home is- this is your real creation.

Having a professional website means that you are into serious business, that the business is registered, patented and handled by professionals and not just amateur young B-school grads which is a very common trend these days. The design, content and the creativity done in your website will attract new business and open more avenues. Even when people read about a specific content on any social media site, which they would be interested to pursue, they would surely want to see the authenticity of that business and check for the same on its official website. In this situation, in the absence of a Professional website, you will tend to lose out on potential prospects.

Moreover, it is a proven fact that the maximum percentage of new business is generated via the company website rather than social media clicks. Social media is a pastime, used to vial away time abd have some good fun with friends and acquaintances. It is not a platform that to be taken seriously to buy or research extensively about products and offers. You may get some idea about a new launched business, but you will certainly do extensive research before actually getting associated with that business and only a well-designed Professional website can give the comfort to an end user of being a reliable company and product.

As a business man, you don’t want to be at the mercy of anyone to plan your business strategies and build up your customer base. If you advertise through a social media site, you are not going to be in control of the entire situation. You will have to make your strategies as per their media presence and statistics. What if they decide to not let your product be advertised one day or you have a competitor who has also rivalled on the same website? That would be a very undesirable situation for your business.

These platforms are also open for public opinion. If someone ever posted some negative comments about your business for some reason, then you will get unwanted negative reviews, which is certainly not good for your company’s health. In your official website, you are the one who dictates what’s going to be showed to the customer and there is no possibility of someone else tweaking it.

The company’s official website is its Hub in the Internet of things and other Social media write-ups are just supporting elements to your business. These social media platforms will surely help you step up in your profession, but as and when you grow up the ladder and your scale of work increases, you will find the need of a Professional Website to market all the good that you are doing to attract more and more business.

Important pointers while building a professional website?

Building up a professional website that will depict your company’s image and branding, is not an easy task. It definitely will involve the cost of hiring a professional website designer; but it is definitely worth the investment when you look at the merits.

Technical aspects of Website building: First and foremost, you will need to purchase a domain for your website and also pay for the web hosting costs. With that you be designated a dedicated server space on the internet. The Professional look that the website designer will provide your website will include minute detailing like content creation, preparing a theme, a color scheme and the entire content. This will require technical expertise and proficiency.

Search Engine Optimization for your Website: Once your website is developed and live, you will need to work on strategies of attracting customers to view your website and explore possible business opportunities with your company. This is a cumbersome activity and you may want to hire an expert SEO to do this task for you. However once the SEO is effectively done, you won’t regret this cost.

Conclusion: Although building up a website of your own is a tiresome and expensive affair, but it is surely the best way of marketing your business to masses. If you want only handful of customer base, you could manage with the Social Media leads that you get, however if you want to expand your business, you should consider approaching a professional website designer to get started.

Article Source: Awe Web Design

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