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DNA is a type of nucleic acid present in the nucleus. It transfers biological information from parents to the child. All the information for life to sustain, reproduce, develop, and metabolic activities are tailored in a human’s DNA. The DNA of a person is what makes them unique. DNA testing can establish parentage or lack of it, ancestral history, and even aid the police in investigating a crime. Today you can undergo home dna tests and get results in as little as five business days. The tests are evaluated by a laboratory that is NATA accredited to perform legal DNA paternity testing.

What is a Home DNA Test?

A home DNA test is something that an individual can do within the comfort of their home. The ‘home’ part indicates the DNA collection. The other parts of the tests, like extraction and analysis, are done by experts in a laboratory. 

Many people harbour misconceptions about the duration of such testing. Most believe that they will receive the test results in just a few hours. But that is not the case. Accurate DNA testing takes some time. The turnaround time can range from anywhere between one day to eight weeks, depending on the kind of test you’ve opted for. 

How Does a Home DNA Test Work?

At-home genetic tests are present as over-the-counter at some pharmacies. They are also available online from the manufacturer. The home DNA kit is an affordable option for people who don’t require the test for any legal purpose. In this test, you can use your mouth swab. After that, the testing in the laboratory is executed by testing a high number of DNA in each person. 

After you order home dna tests from a renowned laboratory, they organise your mouth swab to be taken at one of their locations. If you’re doing a legal paternity test, the professionals guide you through the paperwork needed. It mainly consists of filling out a form, signing an affidavit, and getting passport-sized photographs of every tested person.

What Does an At-Home DNA Test Diagnose?

Such tests provide you with information about various conditions resulting from genetic mutations. A mutation can pass to the next generation via the inherited genes of parents. It can also happen during conception when the sperm and egg meet. Some genetic conditions that a home DNA test can reveal include the following.

  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Bloom Syndrome
  • Late-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Hereditary Thrombophilia, which is the name of a blood clotting disorder
  • Factor XI deficiency. It is also a blood clotting disorder
  • Early-onset primary dystonia. It is a movement disorder.
  • Gaucher Disease Type I. It is an organ and tissue disorder.
  • Hereditary Hemochromatosis. It is a disorder that occurs due to iron overload. 

All of these conditions are serious. If you’re diagnosed with one of the mentioned ailments, you can then take steps to deal with it with the help of a physician. 

Is a Home DNA Test Useful?

There are a lot of DNA tests that can inform you about yourself and boost your quality of life. These include lifestyle DNA tests like ancestry tests. There is also a skincare test that can impart valuable information about your skin’s collagen quality and elasticity. It can also tell you about the antioxidant levels in your skin. Thus, you can find effective topical skincare products tailored to your genetic makeup.

Apart from this, specific tests can also aid you in reaching your ideal weight. Such an analysis provides data from your DNA about your body’s response to various types of exercise. There are even tests for animals like birds sexing DNA tests. It can allow you to determine if a bird is male or female.

With such home tests, collecting the data has become easy. Moreover, your DNA information is always secure and is never shared with any third party.

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