Do you notice cracks in your basement wall? Are you worried about what they could mean? Know that cracks in your basement walls means there is a lot of pressure from the soil that surrounds it. If you see cracks in your basement wall, this is a potential sign of a structural problem with your home.

There are two different types of cracks that can appear on your basement wall. Each type of crack will tell you the specific cause and severity of the problem. Knowing which crack in your basement wall means will assist you in determining if your basement wall needs urgent attention or not.

Here are the two types of crack that can appear on your basement wall:

  1. Horizontal Cracks

If your basement is constructed without adequate vertical reinforcement, the basement wall will succumb from the considerable pressure from the soil that surrounds it. The wall will bow inwards and develop a horizontal crack that will run in the middle of the wall because the bulk of the pressure is on the middle point of the wall.

Check if the wall is still straight from bottom to top. If it’s plumb, wait to see if the crack will become larger, but if the wall is not plumb, you should call a plumber immediately.

  1. Vertical Cracks

It is normal for concrete to shrink when curing. Cracks appearing due to this process are usually small and in most cases are not noticeable. In addition, these cracks do not even affect the structure of the wall.

However, in spite of the small sizes of these cracks, they can allow moisture to penetrate from the surrounding spoil which can be a huge problem over time. In order to avoid possible problems in the future, you should contract a plumber to check your basement waterproofing for your basement, especially when you notice moisture on the wall.

Vertical cracks that are about the ⅙ inches wide area are not a cause for alarm, but when they are more than ⅛ inches wide, you should call plumber to examine the wall because that is a sign that the wall is under great distress.

If you’ve identified cracks in your basement wall, you should call for a professional inspection to help determine potential damages and the timing of the repair. You can avoid major repair work by taking a proactive approach to the structural changes such as cracks in your basement wall.

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