If you are a coffee enthusiast and love to have a delicious, light latte at any time of day, then, isn’t it great to be able to make one every time your caffeine craving hits? It’s even better when you don’t have to wait in line at a coffee shop just to get some coffee. Just imagine having your very own portable barista machine at home that delivers instant lattes in just a press of a button!

You can have your very own cup of joe made for you by a machine that would technically cost only a few dollars in comparison to how much you spend on cups of barista-level coffees in a single day. But of course, the question you need to ask before buying a coffee machine is – what type of coffee machine should you buy that gets you bigger bang for the buck?

Automatic Coffee Machine

Automatic coffee makers are designed to pull a shot of espresso for you in a simple press of a button. Some may require you to grind and tamp your beans, but majority of the automatic models takes care of every parameter in making coffee – from grinding the beans to steaming and frothing the milk.

Many users choose automatic models simply because of their ease of use and convenience. It actually doesn’t require you to have any professional barista training and master the technique to produce high quality cups of coffee. Plus, it is quite easy to clean due to its automatic cleaning features.

Automatic models may be a bit on the pricier side since it guarantees you with consistent results on your brewed coffee and, more than anything, its simple design makes it very user friendly and requires minimal effort for the brewer which makes it a practical option for those who love to multi-task and do everything in a snap.

Semi-automatic Version

 This model may require you to have a little bit of familiarity and experience with using a classic espresso machine since the semi-automatic gives you a sense of control over the brewing process and customise your drink while also enjoying the automatic convenience it provides. This is actually a favourite choice for coffee lovers who want a bit of flexibility in creating specialty beverages from your typical latte to cappuccinos and macchiatos.

If making latte art is your cup of tea (I mean coffee), then the semi-automatic is perfect for you. This is likely the option to choose for those highly dedicated home baristas who don’t mind taking a more semi-traditional process and love to dive in to the art of brewing their coffees.

To really get the perfect cup of latte, semi-automatic models are much more favoured due to its combination of flexibility of a traditional manual coffee maker plus its automatic features that make it easy to use. Given that it has a bit of a learning curve for beginners when using the machinery, overall, the balance between its fully automatic and manual capabilities is a nice touch since it gives you both control and convenience in one.

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