Iron deficiency anemia has been on the rise lately, especially in countries lacking minimum awareness. Therefore, researchers came up with anemia treatment for kids, thus recommending every parent to provide adequate amount of iron supplementation depending on their age slabs. However, children are often reluctant to consume iron supplements, given their usual bitter taste. Plus, not all iron supplementations are of the same quality. So, it is wise to crosscheck the quality and have a doctor prescribe the safe types of iron supplements to children. Some of the recommended safe types of best iron supplements for kids are,

Liquid Drops

Children’s bodies are biologically nascent and can’t perform complex biochemical activities like adults. It is therefore wise to prescribe iron supplements that are easy to assimilate and are children friendly.

Liquid drops being one of them, is highly recommended by physicians. In this case, children won’t have to swallow a pill. It comes with a dropper with measurement marking that can help one measure the dose and squirt the liquid directly into the kid’s mouth.

Many experts say that children’s iron supplements tend to stain their teeth. So, it is advised to brush their teeth after every dose.

Parents can also opt for sugar-free and flavored iron supplements to replenish their child’s depleted iron stores in a fun and healthy way.


A spoonful of iron supplements work just fine when it comes to giving your child a fair dosage. These syrups come in unique flavours and are quite favoured by kids.

Although two teaspoons of it contains 7 milligrams of iron, it may also have other ingredients that your child doesn’t need. So, it is better to avoid syrups if the only supplemental requirement is iron.


Many parents don’t want to get into the troubles of liquid measurements. In that case, chewables could be the right option for them. Typically sweet and easy to eat, chewables contain iron and other essential elements. They often come with children-friendly bubble gum flavour, which makes it even easier for you to feed your child.


Due to its taste resembling that of candy, kids love chewing gummies. To make it free from any artificial coloring, parents are advised to opt for vitamin-enriched iron supplement gummies that are gelatin-free.

It is mainly a vegetarian supplement as it does not contain eggs, dairy, nuts, and gluten. One good thing about these supplements is that kids just love the taste of gummies and would never complain or attempt to refrain from maintaining their daily doses.


Powdered iron supplements are very easy to handle, since it can be mixed with morning breakfasts. Parents can easily add it to their kid’s oatmeals, applesauce, yogurt, etc.

In this way, children would never realize they’re having it. Opt for iron supplements that are free from sweeteners, glutens, allergens and artificial dyes, and ensure replenishing your child’s depleted iron stores in the healthiest way.

Things to Remember

The above-mentioned iron supplements are all clinically approved and recommended by physicians.

It is always advised that parents add minimum medically-prescribed doses of iron supplements in any of the stated forms, to make the procedures hassle-free, safe and children-friendly.

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