6 Best DIY Valentine Gift Ideas for Him

Birthdays scream out gifts, gifts, and gifts from the outset. There is no birthday without gifts and it becomes so much interesting when you surprise your special someone with exquisite gifts. You would want to showcase that boundless love you have for them and gift them the best possible thing you can every time. Birthdays are a yearly occasion yet we never shy away from giving lavish gifts to the person we love year after year. The occasion has gelled in well with all the cultures all over the world. So, choosing perfect gifts to give to your loved ones is of utmost importance. Below are some recommendations for the same.

Framed photos and collages

Just imagine it is your 5th wedding anniversary and you bring a photo collage of all the crazy moments you both have been through over the years. It will be such an emotional moment for both of you to savor. Happiness and memories will come rushing by and it will be one sweet moment between the both of you. Framed photos and collages of the past to bring memories back probably is one of the sweetest birthday gifts you can give. Happy moments are there to be savored and a picture does the same by capturing these memories and will act as an adequate gift on the birthday of the love of your life.

Photo cakes

This is a kind of gift that can be given on a complimentary basis with the other gifts. Photo cakes have become prominent in the contemporary market. A photo of your valentine will be engraved on top of the cake and drive all the attention towards the cake and eventually towards the person on that picture. That’s what you want for your loved ones, right? People praising them, giving them the due attention they deserve especially on their birthday. This is a very subjective gift to bring on a birthday but if done right and in a classy manner, it can be one of the best gifts of the night. Even if you are far away in a different city, you can still send these cakes online. In cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chandigarh online cake delivery facilities are available.

Unplanned/Planned trips

Going on a weekend trip or a long vacation with your special someone. Nothing gets better than this. You get to spend relaxing time with them and get a chance to take your relationship to a whole different level altogether. Be it a formerly planned trip or an unplanned adventure, spending some quality time with your lover is one of the best feelings in the world. If the birthday week of your special someone is on the brink of arriving, then hurry up, book a couple of tickets, and visit a relaxing or adventurous location, whatever you prefer, and gift them that much-needed break on their birthday.

Homemade brownies, cakes, etc.

What better way to showcase your unconditional and boundless love towards your special someone other than homemade bakery items specifically for birthday purposes. These gifts though are not the most costly ones but are filled with love and sweetness. These homemade cakes, brownies, and other things showcase the insurmountable love you have for your special someone as you went through all the hard work of baking a delicious treat all by yourself.

Keep your special someone surprised and happy on their birthdays and forever.

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