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The Water Storage Tanks in India are highly in us to store water and use it whenever required. That’s how its use has become important and beneficial for households and factories.

In this article, we will be learning all about Water Storage Tanks– types, features, and use. So let first have look over the use of water tanks in India.

Water Storage Tanks Uses

Water tanks in India are greatly installed to provide storage of water In different forms and ways the high practice ins all types of industries, factories and commercial use as well:

  1. Drinking-Water
  2. Irrigation in the agricultural field
  3. Farming
  4. Chemical Manufacturing
  5. Food making and preparation
  6. Plantation
  7. Paper Industry
  8. Sugar Industry
  9. Textile Industry
  10. Rice mills
  11. Pharmaceuticals

Uses of the water tanks are viable in these industries and not only this they are also stored in other forms well. The water tanks also work for storing raw water, treated water, seawater, process water, etc. Do you know that RO systems you get installed do suck the water from these water tanks only?

Different ways of water tank Installation Available

  • In the Basement
  • On the Ground
  • Self-Elevated Tank (on the MS/RCC Structure)
  • Partially underground.
  • Overhead Tank (on the roof)

Types of the water tank in India

  • Plastic Water tanks

They are more demanded and the best material in water tanks for years because of its affordability and availability. They are made of the best virgin plastic material. The strong, stiff, and ard material which never corrode and rust. The most important fact is they are easily available at online stores. Water Storage Tank’s online buying demand is much high as compared to any other tanks. Plastic tanks are also of 2 types that are Rotomolded, Blow mold

Rotomolded tanks Water Tank Price is much more affordable than any other tank in India. They usually have rotated molds it can route in a circular path. They are available 2, 3, and 4-layer tanks. They can’t all types of quotes like UV stabilization, anti-bacterial that helps to stay water clean and pure for use and drink. Blow mold tanks are usually installed inside the house, you can get install in the kitchen or bathroom.

  • Stainless steel

These are very much popular in commercial use and industries. The motor of and on the system is built in these tanks.

Features for Water Storage Tanks

  1. UV Stabilized layer
  2. Anti-bacterial
  3. Rustproof
  4. Durable for 10-15 years
  5. Easy cleaning
  6. FDA Approved material
  7. BPA-free
  8. Buy branded material- Sintex, Plasto Water Tank, Sheetal Tanks, etc.
  9. No formation of algae in the water
  10. Keeps water at normal temperature.

What is the price for Water Storage Tanks?

The Water Tank Price usually depends on o the type of brand you buy:

  1. Sheetal water tanks price starts from Rs. 3,000/-
  2. Newtek water tanks price starts from Rs. 2,500/-
  3. Roto Star Tanks’ price starts from Rs. 2,250/-
  4. Sintex Tanks’ price starts from Rs. 3,250/-
  5. Plasto Tanks price starts from Rs.3,500/-

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