Getting Acquainted with the other pole of the Earth

For most people in the world, the set holidays remain as they are in their minds and cannot be messed with. People expect winter holidays in the months of December or January, and summer holidays in the months of June or July. But is that the only right way of getting your holidays?

Most people are not acquainted with the Victorian School Schedules. In fact, it would not come as a shock to know that most people are completely oblivious to the idea of Victorian schools. Less than half the population of the world living near the South Pole knows anything about any other system adopted by a school.

But what is the Victorian way of life and implementation on the schooling process of kids who live in those places?

Why is there a need for a Victorian Schedule?

For anyone who has studied geography, you must already know the concept of different poles of the Earth and the movement of the Earth around the Sun. If not, then do not worry in the slightest. We are here to take away any confusion that you may have in terms of this.

Firstly, the Earth has two ends named as the North Pole and the South Pole. At any given time, one pole faces towards the Sun while the other faces away from it, due to the steady rotation of the Earth about the orbit that it has around the Sun. Due to this rotation, a year is completed and, along with that, the phenomena known most commonly as “weathers”, takes place around the globe.

Weathers change as per the position of the Earth towards the Sun. If a particular pole is facing the Sun, it is a natural idea that the place would have summers or hot weather as compared to the side of the Earth that is facing away from the Sun. Due to this, each country experiences seasons differently from the rest of the world. In some cases, even vast countries such as the USA can experience varying degrees of temperature in different parts of the world.

So for countries that reside somewhere closer to the North Pole, for instance, Australia and New Zealand, the weather changes quite differently as compared to its pattern in other countries. For instance, when it is hot in the United Kingdom, Australia is facing chilly weather. When it is cold in the USA, New Zealand is going through heat waves.

The Holidays in 2019

This opposing weather trajectory leads to people opting for a different school schedule all together. The Victorian School Holidays in 2019, for instance was as follows:

Autumn Holidays: 6th-22nd April

Winter Holidays: 29th June-14th July

Spring Holidays: 21st September-6th October

Summer Holidays: 21st December-28th January

As you can see, their terms varied a lot from what we are acquainted with. This schedule comes with the demand of the weather.


The Victorian School Holidays in 2019 were an effective measure giving the appropriate number of holidays to students at the appropriate time so as to ensure that they are fully relaxed and can reap the maximum benefit from their education.

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