Planning to travel but worried about vaping in public? Here are five facts you need to know before you whip out your vape pen.

Love to vape? You’re not alone! Vaping is so popular that there an estimated 20.8 million vape enthusiasts across the globe.

But what happens when you want to vape but you’re in a restaurant or at a local park? Are there rules or are you free to vape wherever and whenever you’d like?

Here are five things about vaping in public you should know.

1. Use Common Sense

A few years ago, Leonardo DiCaprio broke out his vape pen in the middle of an awards ceremony. It was such a shock that cameras immediately panned to the actor and it was all anyone could focus on.

Suffice to say, whoever was on stage at the time probably wasn’t thrilled.

As awesome of an actor as Leo is, he wasn’t practicing common sense. Aside from the fact that California has some pretty strict laws about vaping indoors, it was distracting and likely considered rude by the other guests.

If you’re surrounded by people, don’t break out the Juulvape. Be courteous and use common sense. Err on the side of caution and ask if your vaping would bother anyone. View More about this Juulvape to make a better use of them in the public.

2. Most States Have Vaping Restrictions

Though vaping isn’t regulated as strictly as, say, cigarettes, just about every state has implemented some form of vaping restrictions.

The good news is that most of these are easy to follow. As long as you don’t vape in the interior of a public building, you should be good to go.

Most states treat vaping like smoking: It’s fine outside and in designated areas. Still, you’ll want to look up your area’s laws to avoid committing a faux pa or possibly breaking the law.

3. …And Those Restrictions Come With Hefty Penalties

So what are the penalties for vaping in a public space? Often, a pretty small fine.

That said, some areas, like Australia, enforce much heavier penalties ranging from several thousand dollars’ worth of fines to up to two years in prison.

If you can’t afford to part with a few hundred dollars (or more if you’re in Australia), it’s best to leave the vape pens alone in public spaces unless it’s a designated smoking area.

4. Vaping Around Minors is a Bad Idea

Unfortunately, it isn’t just adults that love to vape. In fact, minors vaping is such a big issue that some people are calling it an epidemic.

Younger people tend to be impressionable, and it’s all too easy for them to get a hold of a vape pen. You don’t need to hide your habit, but it’s a good idea to avoid vaping in front of a minor at all costs.

5. Regulations Are Likely to Change

Finally, you can expect current regulations to change in the coming years as more research on vaping becomes available.

What these regulations entail remains to be seen, but the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is looking to clamp down on the industry. As a result, you can expect stricter laws in the future, so be sure to keep up with local laws.

Last Thoughts on Vaping in Public

For now, vaping in public is largely acceptable provided you’re not indoors or near a minor. Still, it never hurts to be polite to those around you and ask.

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