Vaping is often seen as the best thing since sliced bread and considering that it’s thought to be much healthier than cigarettes and a key way for smokers to move away from traditional smoking methods, it can be difficult to find faults. However, there are countries across the globe that have found faults and have banned or limited the use of vaping devices and their e liquid and for those with no knowledge of these rules, they can be easily caught out. Here, we’re taking a look into some of the limitations and bans across the world, and some countries where things aren’t quite as clear as you may think.


Vapers rejoice – there are more countries in the world that have permitted vaping with no limitations than there are in any other category in this post! Of course, it’s always best to check before you travel, but for the most part, the world is fairly vape-friendly. In the UK, for example, you’ll be amongst some of the most progressive people in the world in terms of e-cigarette use, with plenty of places to stock up on supplies across the entire country. It’s important to note, however, that restaurants and stores tend not to allow vaping, so only vape where you know you’re allowed! Other European countries have similar legislation, including France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, Ireland and more – in fact, Turkey and Norway are the only countries in which you’ll need to take extra care.

Asia is a little more tricky, though China has complete permission for vaping, which may surprise you! China was the country to initially invent these devices, and with much of the overall industry coming out of here, it’s easy to see why the country might be open to such a thing. South Korea is another surprising location, as is Malaysia, though laws and attitudes can vary on a state by state basis.

New Zealand, Fiji, the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Jamaica, the Bahamas, Panama, Chile, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Zambia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Botswana and Swaziland are the other countries all permitting vaping, though some have smaller limitations per state.

Permitted With Limitations

While we’ve already mentioned limitations, there are some countries that are a little more strict in the limits that they place. Turkey, for example, permits the use of vaping, but the selling of any equipment is completely banned. Norway’s limitations mean that you can vape, but only with nicotine-free products unless you can prove that it’s to help you quit smoking. Japan and Hong Kong hold similar views on nicotine, though their bans are complete. Australia also has a similar stance, but their limitations truly differ from state to state. Nicotine is banned across the country, but the overall use of vapes differs.

Mexico, Egypt and Nigeria also have limitations, though these tend to be unclear so it’s best to check before you travel.

On The Fence

There are a number of countries that either have regulations in place that could spread to a full ban, or are completely unclear in their vaping attitudes. Tanzania, Tunisia, Morocco, Peru, Colombia, Cuba, Hong Kong, Taiwan, The Philippines, and India are the countries in question, so if you’re looking to travel here in the new future and vape, it’s best to check with the locals first!


Lastly, of course, we have the countries that have banned vaping completely. The penalties in place in some of these countries are unclear and while the illegal status is widely accepted, the potential punishments that could be faced – beyond the confiscation of your device – are murky water. However, there are some countries that are much clearer about their legislation and the potential charge – they are Thailand and Saudi Arabia.

If you’re caught vaping in Thailand, you can kiss goodbye to 10 years of your free life – yes, really! The penalty for vaping or selling the equipment in Thailand is a hefty decade behind bars. Tourists have reportedly been overlooked, but it’s certainly not a risk we’d like to take. As for Saudi Arabia, you’ll not only lose your vape, but you’ll also find your wallet much lighter. The penalty here is a fine of around $133 per item found, so it’s best not to try your luck.

Vaping across the world is generally accepted; however, it’s always best to ensure that you’re checking customs and local laws before travelling to avoid penalties. Safe travels!

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