A bathrobe can effectively change the feel of your bathroom and bath. It’s a comfortable and luxurious wardrobe staple that can outshine your personality with resonance and refreshment. You may prefer snuggling yourself up in a robe after the long refreshing bath or may be it makes you well suit to your morning routine – whatever the purpose on the background, the robe has to be essentially comfortable, suitably warm and of perfect length. So, you should have the preparation to make your perfect choice and here are some tips to help you in that endeavor.

Know What You Need In A Bathrobe

By definition, bathrobe is the casual and transitional dress that you can wear after taking the shower or bath until you are dressed formally. Another purpose of the robe is to serve as the added layer of warmth over the normal home garments and pajamas. It can also act as a replacement for the shower-towel if made from absorbent terry cloth. It can be very relaxing and comfortable for the morning and evening routines and add an extra level of gorgeousness to your personal décor. www.plushnecessities.com/ is a great place to start your search for great quality bath robes.

Know About Various Types of Fabrics Used In Making Bathrobes

There are multitude of options when it comes to constituent fabric for the bathrobe. Terry cloth, Egyptian cotton, satin, silk, cotton waffle wave, fleece, chenille, microplush, Turkish cotton etc. are some common materials from which the bathrobes are made. Absorbent capacity, texture, seasonal issues are the main considerations in choosing your robe. For more absorbance, terry cloth is good and it can be used as alternative to a towel too. Chenille or fleece is better for warmth, so suits well during winter while silk and cotton can be more suitable during the summer months. Weight does matter too, silk, cotton and waffle are lighter while terry, chenille or fleece are heavier.

Know Your Purpose Of Use Of The Robe

The intended use does influence the choice of fabric greatly, so you should know how you would be using the robe before you buy one. To dry yourself up after the shower or bath, terry cloth and Turkish or Egyptian cotton are better choices. Microplush or flannel are good for warmth during the chilly months of the year. If you intend for smart lounging in a robe, the best choices range between silk, satin or jersey knit fabric. Also, the length matters based on the type of use and the length ranges between mid-thighs to ankle, make your perfect suit based on the purpose in mind.

The Egyptian and Turkish Cotton

For spa-quality bathrobes, the most popular fabric materials are either Egyptian cotton or Turkish cotton. So, you should have the clear idea of the differences these two types to match your intended purpose of the robe. The main factor of the difference between the two types of fabric is absorbance capacity. Fibres of the Egyptian cotton are long that can be used to make dense, absorbent threads which in effect can easily absorb away the moisture from your body. Fibres of the Turkish cotton are long too but are thin and less absorbent compared to the prior. However, with time Turkish cotton becomes more fluffy and soft making the robe comfortable for a longer use.

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