Whether it is building one’s home or just making some minor repairs, a skilled plumber from Sydney possesses a wide array of skills that can help us optimise the working of our homes internal water system.

Apart from this, a professional plumber can also help us save on large repair costs which might come about as a result of issues related to poor or inefficient repair work.

Statistical data provided by many independent researchers has shown that in the Sydney region itself, there were more than 1400 reported cases of water failures in situations where the homeowner had tried to make repairs themsleves. This demonstrates the fact that even if we think we are highly equipped to tackle such projects, the end result may not always be to our liking.

Some of the key areas that a plumber can help us with include:

  1. Installations: while many manufacturing companies might have us believe that prefabricated water units are easy to manoeuvre and install. This can be tricky as many a time we may lack some essential tools/ skillsets that can ensure that the job gets done with complete efficiency.
  2. Repairs: this is one area where many individuals think that they can tackle the issue on their own. Sometimes, a small leak is looked to as a minor inconvenience, forcing people to make only cosmetic changes (thereby causing the issue to compound).

However, many studies have shown that there is a large possibility of these minor leaks representing a more hidden issue which could have more drastic repercussions at a later stage. A plumber is highly desirable in such a case, as they can clearly outline the problem at hand, and provide us with a tangible plan of action.

  1. Water Supply Problems: many of us have faced issues wherein our water supply abruptly stopped or was seen to reduce in its flow efficiency. This can affect our daily lives and can cause us much unwarranted stress. In an annual study conducted in Sydney, it was found that homeowners who lived in houses that were constructed before the 1970 have faced 7-15 water supply issues yearly.
  2. Waste Disposal Systems: this is an area of work that needs professional help as quite often things tend to get messy. When sewage channels need to be cleared, there is usually a lot of effort that is involved. Motorised suction devices and other hygienic cleaning units can be of help when performing such tasks. Also, such tools are usually available only to professional Sydney plumbers and similar contractors dealing in this line of work.
  3. Emergency Situations: research has shown that on an average there are nearly 24,000 instances of daily plumbing failures in Australia alone. Out of these, nearly 8000 occur in the Sydney region. Thus, it is always a smart option to have a professional plumbing agent available for hire at all times. These professional contractors can be availed of at any point during the day or night, and can help rectify stressful situations swiftly and efficiently.

How much do plumbers cost?

While there is no one fixed figure that can be given to us. The individual cost of a contractor may vary depending upon response time, experience, efficiency of work. However, in the Sydney area, the median cost of hiring a professional plumber has been found to be $21.94 per/hour.

This however does not represent the amount that we have to shell out every time (as some newer, independent contractors may charge a substantially reduced fee).

Additionally, there are also yearly/ monthly payment schemes that one can make use of. These deals feature small payments of around $10 monthly to help us combat any issues that we might have to face through the entire year. These plans include emergency repairs and free annual check-ups so that we can be sure that our water systems are running at a high rate.

What should I look for when hiring a plumber?

While this profession is essentially one of experience, homeowners should still make sure that the contractor being hired has relevant qualifications. For example, we should look to see if the person has a certified diploma or other such qualifications that ensure their skill set is adequate for tackling the task at hand. In addition to this, when hiring newer plumbers, we should ensure that they have undergone the 144 hours of plumbing apprentice work that is required of them.

Thus, by following such easy/ small tips we can make our lives much easier and simpler.

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