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Today’s marketers must accomplish more with fewer resources. Keeping costs down is crucial for a company that needs to reach out to its audience in a highly personalized way. A marketer who can connect highly targeted with prospects and customers will be able to deliver a high return on investment and incremental revenue.

As Pearl Lemon Leads shows, no other marketing category can match email marketing when it comes to longevity. Marketers continue to use email as their most effective channel, even as some marketing trends come and go.

Here are 3 reasons why:

1. The reach of email marketing is greater.

There is a temptation to believe social media is the most effective way to reach the masses, especially with Facebook boasting over 1 billion active users and Twitter boasting 300 million. It’s impressive that these numbers are so high, but email usage statistics are less common.

According to Radicati, there were 3.9 billion email accounts worldwide in 2013, and 4.9 billion by 2017.

If you are unsure of the significance of this, consider your own online activity: When you register for a website (such as a shopping site), an email address is required to set up your account.

To create an account on Facebook or Twitter, you need an email address. Facebook and Twitter also send email notifications when users are tagged in photos or receive other activity.

Everyone who’s online has an active email address, and email is the currency of the web. The ongoing battle over privacy and data breaches has caused plenty of people to quit some social media channels, even though Facebook and Twitter might seem pretty ubiquitous.

Email is the channel with the widest reach when communicating with prospects and customers.

2. Your message is delivered through email marketing

Whenever marketers have to choose between gaining a new Facebook fan or a new email subscriber, they should always choose the email subscriber.

The main reasons are:

Compared with email, 90% of Facebook posts get delivered to your fans’ inboxes, while only 2% of your posts are seen in their news feeds. Facebook limits how many times your posts can appear in their news feeds. We want to drive traffic to your site by showing your posts in news feeds. They can then pay for advertisements.

If you want your messages to be seen by the people you want to reach, this is essential.

Only about 200 of your 10,000 Facebook fans will see an update from you in their News Feed if you post it. Alternatively, at least 9% of your subscribers will receive your email campaign if you send it to 10,000 subscribers.

The chances of your message being seen using email are 45 times greater than on Facebook.

Secondly, when your subscribers signed up for your email list, they explicitly told you that they wanted to hear from you.

Since spam laws are strict, if you are emailing your prospects or customers, then you have their permission. Did you request that these companies market to you through the Facebook News Feed ads?

Most likely not. It’s more likely that you searched Google or visited their website to find out more. Obviously, this differs from subscribing proactively to a newsletter.

Your message is more likely to be received when you send an email.

3. Conversions are boosted by email marketing.

Conversions are the main focus for most marketers. Marketing is about converting potential customers into paying customers, whether it is through leads, sales, memberships, or any other metric specific to your business.

Email is the most powerful channel for conversions.

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