A great window can look even better by adding fabric, however, sometimes details like stitching ad trim can make a big difference. There are so many ways you can elevate your window treatments. Prior to making these changes, you should do a routine house window repair in each room. Upgrading can be a fast and inexpensive yet it adds fresh energy to a room. You may choose to improve on your current window treatments or buy new ones. You may consider blinds, drapes or even shades. Consider fabric instead of new blinds to save money and opt for a lighter fabric to allow more light into the room.

Revive exiting window coverings

  • You should clean your current window treatments by removing all debris and dust from the drapes, dust plastic and metal blinds and use polish where applicable. Take out old curtains and throw them in the washer.
  • You can utilise old drapes and sew patterns into them or sew patches of colored cloth on them.
  • Get creative and glue on some ribbon at the edges or add on embellishments. Allow the glue to dry completely then rehang the blinds.
  • If you have wood blinds, you may refresh them by applying a stain.

Replace old window treatments

  • You may decide to replace old window treatments if they cannot be revived. You can take down the old window coverings using a screwdriver. You are advised not to let one end drop as you are unscrewing it.
  • Measure the area that you want your new treatment. Make a note of the measurements so that you can easily refer to it at a later stage.
  • You may now choose your preference: shades, blinds or a light colored curtain made from fabric. You may want to consider which would work best for you, which matches your home and the cost involved.
  • Place all the tools you will be using in front of you. Ensure to refer to instructions given with any of your new treatments before you begin using them.

 Window Treatments

Shades – They come in a vast selection of high-end fabrics and materials. They are perfect for privacy and controlling light in the home as well as protection from harmful UV rays.

Blinds – Blinds offer total control of light and they can be customised. You will find various types of blinds to suit your budget.

Shutters – They offer a modern and up-market look and feel to your home. Shutters are crack resistant and don’t get damaged easily.

Drapery – Fabric curtains are the choice for many people. They add a rich and classy feel to your home and offer control of light and privacy.

You have so many options to choose from when you decide to upgrade your household windows. A few simple changes will make all the difference and transform your home from drab to fab. You should follow a step-by-step guide if you plan on doing it yourself.

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