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Energy flows where attention goes. Where else better than on your beautifully curated furniture, themed interiors and cosy spaces at home? If you want to bring subtle but comforting attention to your interiors with indoor lights, we have got news for you. Different options are available to highlight your existing furniture, wall hangings, cosy spaces and segregated areas by using integrated architectural solutions or stunning decorative lights that just need a nearby power socket to light your world. What’s more, you get to create a new look with brands like Wakefit that display an enchanting selection of lights and lamps online to select from that are trending, stylish and easy to 


Indoor Lighting: The Quickest Solution To A Brighter Home

Any fixture used to illuminate your home internally, is called indoor lighting. So think of any pendant light, lamp or fixture that can be easily added to your existing setting that instantly transforms your home into a trendy yet comforting zone. Unlike outdoor lighting used in gardens or balconies, indoor lighting is not waterproof or dustproof. Therefore, while it is great to pick an eclectic design, it’s more important to ensure they are easy to maintain.

Different Types Of Indoor Lighting

There is no set rule on choosing a type of indoor light, apart from just having fun mixing and matching them to suit your space. Set the mood with these different types of indoor lighting:


Pendant lights are swanky lights suspended or dropped as a lone fixture with the help of a cord or chain from the ceiling. Often hung in multiples, they’re great above a kitchen countertop or dinette and instantly make the drama stand out. Anybody can pretty much install a pendant lamp with the help of a hook attached to the ceiling. If it’s a bedroom space, glass pendant lights above either side of the bed add a classy, airy look. In addition, who doesn’t love a cosy light that doesn’t hog up the space on your side table?

Wall Sconces

Not a fan of pendants but still want your side table space intact with a lighting option? Your best bet is wall scones. Wall sconces are lights that are fixed on walls and are often placed as a bedroom lamp or to illuminate hallways. The only downside to these lamps is that they can only be installed by an electrician who can sort the wiring behind the walls and securely mount it up.

Recessed Lighting

A fancy word for lighting that is fully contained in your ceiling, floors or walls, recessed lighting can flood your home with light. These fixtures are a great option for short ceilings offering a sleek and polished finish with the wiring hidden neatly. Recessed lighting needs at least 6 inches of clearance above the ceiling with insulation to avoid condensation drip on the lighting. Create a gorgeous ambience with recessed lighting in your living space, bedroom or kitchen. 

Track Lights

Are you bored with the lack of drama in your interiors? Add a track light that can direct light to pretty much anything you wish to highlight. Be it the floors or a beloved wall hanging, trust these light fixtures on a continuous track device to bring out the life of the room. If you have a large-sized room with minimal options for other forms of light, a track light can be installed to give effective lighting to the area you choose as it points downwards. These, too, have to be installed by an electrician.

Accent Lighting

Remember that gorgeous painting you picked from your holiday? Make it stand out unapologetically by using accent lighting that can draw attention to it. Dazzle in the light it throws on your bespoke piece of furniture, wall hanging or directly above a love seat. Fix this fixture just above the item you wish to enhance.

Bedside Table Lamps

The easiest option available is lighting, as it doesn’t involve the need for an electrician or drilling fixtures; a bedroom lamp can be purchased and placed on a bedside table to use. These only require an electric socket beside the lamp to connect into. A great option if you want to match your interior theme with matching lamp shades with the light directed downwards. Other options in table lamps include study lamps that are specifically used for the study to help focus on the activity. Some of these don’t even need a socket and can work on batteries too.

Adding special indoor lighting to your home can illuminate your space and add a unique style sense to your interiors. Whether it is a modern pendant lighting you choose or a sparkling crystal chandelier- there’s nothing better that can enhance the ‘oomph’ factor of your space. 

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