Essentially there are only two types of EMP protection and each one is a variation of the other. In the 19th century, a scientist by the name of Michael Faraday created a new invention that would go on to be named after him. This invention is the Faraday cage. Over the years, other scientists and inventors have updated and tweaked this invention to suit more modern needs. This cage was eventually turned into a bag that would become quite prominent. Possibly even surpass the cage in popularity. The purpose of these cages and bags is to protect electronic devices such as laptops and smartphones. Although, there are versions for wallets, key fobs, tablets, radios, and many other electronic devices. The two types of EMP protection are the cages and the bags. Keep in mind that the bags are basically cages in a slightly different form. If you are interested in learning more about EMP protection, you have come to the right place. Here, you will find details about types of EMP blasts and the benefits of both kinds of protection. Also, you will find information about to determine which type you need.

First, consider the different types of EMP and how each occurs. First, there are man-made EMP blasts. There are two versions of man-made EMPs. The first is intentional, this is the type that is designed specifically for warfare to halt communications. The second is unintentional and is a byproduct of something else. A good example of the second kind is a hydrogen bomb. the intention is an explosion, but this explosion produces an EMP blast outside the range of the explosion itself. The second type of EMP is naturally occurring. It is not a commonly known fact that there are several parts of nature that produces electromagnetic pulses. An excellent example of this is lightning which is made up entirely of electricity. The speed at which lightning moves combined with its very nature makes an electromagnetic pulse that expands out from the strike point. It is common knowledge the when lightning strikes, it can travel into a building and short out electronics such as television sets, fans, lights, and many others. This is caused by the EMP released from the strike.

Now, consider the uses for Faraday bags versus a cage. These bags are great for any time you need to protect a device from any type of signal. The best use for the bags is shielding everyday items that you use on a regular basis. There are various sizes of bags designed specifically for different types of devices. First is the largest variety which is a universal bag meant to be able to hold whatever you need it to, including multiple smaller items. The next size down is made to fit full sized laptops. After that, there is a size dedicated to notebook-sized laptops. Next is a smaller bag designed specifically for a smartphone or any cell phone. The smallest bag is really more of a pouch and is designed for key fobs and car keys. In addition, there is a wallet in this line dedicated to protecting credit and debit cards from fraud. These bags are designed in such a way as to completely protect the devices inside while still allowing easy access to them at any time. This is one of the main differences between the bags and cages, access. Most of the bags can be opened and closed with ease and without worry over resealing. Cages, on the other hand, are sometimes damaged after opening. This is particularly true when using a homemade cage.

The next type of EMP bags are for long-term protection. This is what you want when you are preparing for possible future events in which digital devices will be knocked out. The purpose here is to store devices indefinitely to the point where they are needed. Because this is a semi-permanent situation, you will need extra devices dedicated solely to being in this storage container. Here is a list of the best items to include in your EMP protection container.

  • Radios – Transistor, two-way, CB, and crank radios should all be considered. This will allow you to contact others and keep up with any radio channels that may still be active. This gives you a way to keep up with news and weather reports.
  • Cell phone – Under the type of circumstances that would result in needing to open this container, you will not need a smartphone. Therefore, you should heavily consider using some type of basic model such as a flip phone. The only features that you will need are the ability to make a call, text message, and possibly take photos.
  • Solar charger – This particular item is incredibly important because other items such as the cell phone will eventually need to be charged and if electronics have been taken down, power most likely has as well. This means that you will need an alternative way to charge the battery. A solar charger will be perfect for the occasion.
  • LED Flashlight – There is much debate as to whether an event such as an EMP blast would actually compromise an LED flashlight. However, if you go ahead and add a few to your container, you will be assured of having them regardless.
  • Entertainment – If an event occurs that takes out electricity and other electronic devices and services, entertainment will be in short supply. This means that it is an excellent idea to include a few things into your EMP protection container to help pass the time and keep your brain active. This can include a number of things but MP3 players and e-readers are some of the best choices.

There are many places online that sell both the bags and the cages. Simply search for the version you are interested in and choose a vendor to purchase from. If instead, you want to make one yourself, there are a few things that you will need. Start with a galvanized trash can and line it entirely in cardboard. Leave no area uncovered. This includes the lid, which should also fit snugly onto the can. Then wrap each device you are adding first in cloth, then plastic wrap, then three layers of aluminum foil. Once that is complete, add the devices to the can ensuring all the while the aluminum foil is not touching the metal of the trash can at any point. Then add the lid and you are done.

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