Package delivery is increasingly becoming the new modus operandi for busy buyers. Shopping online is a big timesaver with ecommerce options such as free 2-day shipping and 1-click shopping.

Home delivery could genuinely save you a massive amount of time around the busy peak season. However, stolen packages are considerable stress no one wishes to deal with. Now, you need to plan appropriately for package theft if you wish to make many online purchases today. Neighborhood Square offers tips that will help deter porch pirates from stealing your items.

Here are some other suggestions to help you out:

Plan Your Item Deliveries with Utmost Care 

You can try a few easy tricks to prevent stolen parcels, especially if you’re not a big fan of paying more for item protection:

Be friends with your neighbors. More and more individuals today are working from home with the increase of freelance workers. So check if you and your kind neighbor could plan to support one another by taking in parcels to prevent package theft.

Ask for a signature. Other delivery choices let for an obligatory sign upon receipt of the parcel. Your item isn’t left at your address if no one is there. The only disadvantage of this option is that delivery services will make minimal energies before requesting that you come by and get it at their location. Naturally, that’s not one of your options.

Office delivery. When possible, you can utilize your office address and have your parcels transported there. Doing this lessens the possibility of package theft. Nonetheless, that might be more annoying than it’s worth depending on your working situations. Your work might have some boundaries on personal item delivery. Hence, make sure that you ask first the management before placing your order.

Schedule the delivery. When necessary, schedule to have your parcels sent when you or somebody in your family could be at your address to get them.

Unique Ways to Prevent Package Theft 

Modern commerce finds a way to provide an answer when there is a concern. When we talk about stolen parcels, modern alternatives don’t disappoint. Below are more alternatives for you to avoid package theft, which differs from average solutions.

Reroute. UPS provides an option referred to as UPS My Choice for an added $40 every year. For an additional charge, you could reroute your items anytime a problem happens.

Doorman Services. Did you know that a doorman deals with your packages and sends them off based on your timetable? This service runs from 6 PM until twelve midnight. You can choose a 1-hour window of your preference through an app. The parcel is then transported to you in that timeframe.

Package Guard. It’s another modern alternative you can utilize to avoid package theft. It’s a product created to discourage package theft. A small device sits on your porch, waiting for carriages. You will get an alert when parcels are removed or delivered. The tool produces a loud noise to inform those around you a theft is happening, mostly when an unauthorized individual removes the parcel.

Lockbox. It is a big strengthened vessel obliging the delivery man and the receiver to input a code to open. You will recover the parcel from the lockbox at your comfort if every communication effort goes as organized.

Smart Lockers. Ultimately, you will find various choices accessible for smart locker package retrieval. The ecommerce giant Amazon also has their version to make sure items arrive effectively together with the planned receiver. Here’s how this works.

Somebody delivers your parcel in the smart locker through an electronic code. As the smart locker owner, you will get a notification telling the parcel has come. You will then come and get the package whenever it is convenient for you. That’s because such facilities aren’t bound by standard working hours.

As you can see, these less-than-average alternatives offer you a few package theft prevention tools that will surely add to your security tool kit.

Install a Camera If the Package Theft Prevention Efforts Doesn’t Work 

Unfortunately, fear does often take place. Having evidence that a package theft takes place could be a vital feature in getting a reimbursement. You can utilize a simple security camera to give any evidence that your precious item was stolen from your porch.

With these helpful tricks, you can make your life less of a trouble. Always take these additional precautions to avoid package theft.

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