Maldives is a place where nature lovers would want to spend their vacations; it is not less than a picture of paradise. The island is surrounded by crystal clear turquoise water attracting you to jump in to enjoy your summer to the fullest with the luxury resorts and bungalows extended over the sea. Unlike the common belief Maldives is not only a place to go to the  beach and get a tan while sipping cocktails, there is much more to do in that dreamy destination. Here are six dream places where you must go when in Maldives.

1.   Diving:

Due to the crystal clear water surrounding the Maldives Island it is considered as the best destination for world’s most amazing scuba diving experience. Even if you are not certified you can still go to many affordable PADI dive centers which will allow you to take a discovery dive or apply for other dive option too because scuba diving will let you explore marine life in crystal clear water which is warm and welcoming, making it quite visible to see turtles, stingrays and whale sharks swimming along with you.

2.   Snorkeling

If you are not a big fan of scuba diving than there are still many great options which will let you exploring marine life dream come true. Snorkeling in Maldives is a great option because reefs are so perfect that one doesn’t have to dive deep into the sea to see these beautiful plants and other aquatic animals and the plus point of crystal clear water is that it offers incredible visibility underwater. Snorkeling will not be less of a surprise exploring experience than scuba diving because you will get to see dozen of sea turtles and flocks of colorful fishes moving here and there. Click here to get the best equipment for this amazing activity.

3.   Dolphin Spotting:

Hop on a boat to go to Cinnamon Hakurra, which is the best place in the middle of sea to spot dolphins playing around in the sea water waking and leaping in a loop. You can spend a perfect afternoon watching these beautiful dolphins in Maldives some of them are quite active and playful. You might spot these dolphins putting on a great show by flipping and twilling in and out of the water which is wonderful experience, just make sure you stop the boat at a safe distance from them to watch dolphins’ swim instead of getting too close and scaring them away.

4.   Surfing:

If you are looking for a break from the crowd on the island you should go to Cinnamon Dhonveli which is a famous attraction for top surfer around the world to go and enjoy the world-class surfing experience ride the high tides in the sea and ruling the sea with their pro surfing skills.

5.   Stand up Paddle boarding:

Maldives is pretty famous for being the best destination to enjoy the calm stand up paddle boarding (SUP) on the crystal clear water making it more like a dream with the amazing visibility of the water beneath the board you might also see fish swimming which makes it much more interesting and fun for the riders.

6.   Balinese Massage:

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Maldives is not less than a paradise on the planet earth and when you are visiting this island to spend some quality with your loved ones, friends, family or honeymoon you must take some time to get a relaxing massage which is famous all over the world. The skilled masseurs will give you a relaxing massage which will take away the pain and aches in your body due to stressful routine life, long flight or busy day out on the island doing other activities.

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