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WhatsApp Transfer

Gone are the days where we used to make calls to converse with our friends and family. With the onset of social networking, we have seen a shift towards a messaging culture that does more than just message ‘texts’. Apps these days can perform a lot of tasks, making it easier for its users to handle it and making their lives better. And among the networking apps, the top contender in this field has always been Whatsapp.

We as a community are so much dependent on WhatsApp that, there isn’t a single day where we don’t open the application to cater to our needs. Like I have mentioned before, it isn’t just the texting part that Whatsapp does. It’s literally everything from sending and receiving documents, photos, voice messages or even your location. The new features that the networking app adds to its platform each and every day have made it irresistible to use, in this modern age of Internet and Communications.

But a real headache is when you decide to switch your old gadget for the new one that is doing its rounds in the limelight. All those data and stuff that were once getting comfy in the old device needs to be relocated and has quite turned out to be a headache for most of us. Transferring the contents of applications such as Whatsapp is where the real trouble lies. People often find it difficult to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android often ends up losing all their messages, photos, documents, and whatnot, later cursing themselves for the ordeal. This is also true when it comes to the case of content transfer of WhatsApp from iPhone to Android and vice versa.

So what’s the solution?

This is where the iSkysoft Toolbox comes into play. As a comprehensive WhatsApp transfer  tool, the iSkysoft Toolbox does more than just transfer your content and messages. It backs up your content and protects them so that you’d never lose your content even if the Application crashes or gets uninstalled.

To sum it up, the iSkysoft Toolbox is a hassle-free manner to protect and back up your entire data on messaging apps like Whatsapp and transfer it even from an iPhone device to another iPhone/Android device.

What all does this iSkysoft Toolbox do?

Literally, everything when it comes to protecting your data and carrying it with you just like anything you’d carry in your wallet.

  • Overall content transfer of WhatsApp from your iOS device into an iOS/Android device

Given the role that WhatsApp plays on a smartphone user’s device these days, it’s a pretty much needed objective to transfer all they have got on their older device into the new one when the switch their devices from the old one to new. iSkysoft Toolbox does exactly that by transferring all your contents of WhatsApp into the new gadget.

  • Backup your WhatsApp content on your device

Now one may argue that some inbuilt apps and other clouding facilities help you to do the same. But iSkysoft Toolbox does it better without confusing the user with configuration changes that always comes as a headache in the aforementioned cloud facilities.

It even helps you to access all your content even if you want to set up your backed up content onto your computer.

  • Restore your WhatsApp content onto your new device

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could transfer all of your data with just the press of a button onto your new gadget? iSkysoft Toolbox does exactly the same. With just a click all your content (backed up) gets organized into the way which it used to be on the old device smoothly.

Are you confused whether the backed up content from the iOS device be transferred to your new Android device? Worry no more, because the iSkysoft Toolbox helps you in restoring the contents of WhatsApp across different software platforms.

Additionally, you could also access the backed up data to pick and choose what all information and data that needs to be restored onto your new device giving the user the opportunity to sort out unwanted contents from the old device.

How to backup and transfer WhatsApp?

The following guide will help you to use the iSkysoft Toolbox and soon you’ll realize how easy it is to operate this toolbox to backup and restore the contents of your favorite messaging app online. The entire procedure is divided into three parts for easy execution.

Part 1: Setting up the Toolbox for backup

Step 1: Launch the iSkysoft Toolbox

Step 2: Select Restore Social App

Step 3: Go to WhatsApp tab

Part 2: Backing up WhatsApp content

Step 1: Select Backup WhatsApp Messages and connect your device

Step 2: Click Backup
(The backup process starts automatically and continues to proceed in the background)

Part 3: Restoring the backed up content onto a new device

Step 1: Select WhatsApp Transfer Messages and connect the new device

Step 2: Click Transfer
(The setup shall move all your WhatsApp content onto your new device)

Final Word

Transferring your mobile phone applications like WhatsApp into your new devices has always been a headache and a factor that pulls you back from switching your phones or gadgets. The loss of data, photos, messages and memories that you have shared and built on these apps can be really heartening. But with the iSkysoft Toolbox we could guarantee the safety of all your data and content and we can do more than just transfer it.

With iSkysoft Toolbox, it is not just WhatsApp transfer that you could execute. Social networking applications such as the Line, Viber, Kik, WeChat, etc. are some of the other applications that you could backup and restore using the same iSkysoft Toolbox.

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