The year 2020 challenged most conventional marketing norms pushing business owners to recalibrate their pre-established notions on effective marketing techniques. Video marketing gained even more significance in the “new normal” situation

More businesses have started creating videos, even with a free online video editor, as a medium for marketing their products and services. It is by far the most effective way to inform prospective customers of your brand and what it stands for.

Live Video

Live video has helped bridge the communication gap between businesses and external service providers in the previous year. It is also a viable marketing tactic. Enterprises and service providers have been using live video for two-way communication.

The statistics show that internet users watched 1.1 billion hours of live video in 2019. Most social media platforms support live video. Entrepreneurs may use live video streaming to get into interactive talks about their brand.

Celebrities, CEOs and brand ambassadors now use live streaming as a regular marketing tool.

Virtual meet-ups and events

Virtual events are a recent marketing trend to attract and retain customers. These events are either based on an in-person invite system or are open to the public. They use online video platforms, live streaming platforms, or social media platforms for interaction and telecasting. Virtual events are a great way to network and create leads for B2B marketers.

Video Reviews and Testimonials

Video testimonials are now replacing text testimonials. This is a popular strategy used by B2B marketers to generate more leads. Research shows that visual testimonials of former customers who express their confidence in the brand create a certain level of trust in prospective customers since they find the content relatable. Video testimonials on the homepage of the website drive in more traffic.

B2B marketers use visual testimonials to display the product used for its intended purpose.

Video as Advertisement

Video advertisements have been in operation for a long time. However, their significance has increased to a great extent, with increased internet use. A short video ad sending across the right message is compelling. The production of these brief advertisements is also budget-friendly.

Business owners not using video ads to market their products and services will find it challenging to compete in the market. Video campaigns are voted to be more engaging, more impactful, and more appealing than any other type of campaigning.

Video Tutorials, Product Reviews, and Unboxing Videos

Tutorial videos, product review videos, and unboxing videos published on YouTube and other video streaming platforms are prevalent among users. B2B marketers also conduct giveaways and interactive question and answer (Q&A) sessions to drive more traffic. They may use these tutorials and videos to highlight the product’s features and its uses. It is also a popular method to build brand loyalty.

Video-Based Marketing in 2021

The use of video marketing is almost a necessity to gain and maintain customers. A majority of prospects are working remotely and likely to rely on the internet for their needs. Using video to promote your brand with efficient experts can bring about critical improvements in marketing, sales, and customer engagement.

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