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College is a huge investment and plays a massive role in your future career and success. If you aren’t 100% happy with your investment, then you aren’t satisfied with your level of education and the resources available to you, and it’s time to make a change. This change may be small. Instead of only doing what’s required out of you, go beyond and start to get involved in clubs, societies, and competitions. For others, however, a massive change will be needed. Regardless of where you’re at, this guide will help you understand your options so that you can feel more satisfied with your education:

If You Aren’t Happy with Your Options

If you aren’t happy with your education, the state of the societies and clubs, and the resources available to you, then it’s important to make a change. The lack of options could be widespread or specific to your career goals and major. Regardless, it’s important to make a change. In this case, a full transfer. Over 700,000 students every year transfer to universities, and you can be one of them, though do keep in mind that each university will have its own requirements. The University of Miami college transfers requirements, for example, are just 11 credits, so you can transfer far sooner than other top-choice colleges. This is great news for those in their first year since you can switch over to a better-quality education more quickly.

If You Aren’t Happy with What You’re Learning

If you are bored with the content, find it uninspiring, or even frustrating, then take a moment to reconsider your major. There are many related jobs in the same career path, and the education you need will differ greatly. You may hate accountancy, for example, but thrive in another STEM-related field that’s more hands-on, like engineering. Similarly, you may find your humanities degree a waste, but if you minor in a more practical field like business or marketing, you can start to put the two together and really develop a thriving career skillset.

If You Aren’t Happy with the Value

If you feel like you aren’t getting enough value out of your education, start investigating what resources, competitions, and societies there are available. Today, focusing solely on your education is not enough. That’s why colleges offer so much in terms of extra-curriculars. Get more involved in activities and challenges that help you with your education by adding a practical, hands-on element.

If You Aren’t Happy with Your Career Progression

If you don’t feel like you’re ready to get a job right after graduation, then it’s time to make a visit to the careers services. See if they have any part-time or internship opportunities available and start applying. You’ll only want one at a time and will also want to avoid working through exam season. That being said, one or two internships (depending on their length) per year can make a huge difference to your career efforts. You can also use the summer to get in extra learning or interning opportunities to help you launch your career once you graduate.

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