If you are involved in the hospitality industry or it is your wish to get involved soon then you should know and understand the importance of maintaining good hygiene in your kitchen which is at the heart of your business. You can’t have a functioning restaurant without a kitchen, a head chef and all of his or her staff surrounding them. Your reputation is everything in this business and people take hygiene very seriously indeed. The local health authority takes it equally seriously as well and so you need to do everything within your power to make sure that you are running a functioning kitchen, but it is following all of the health and safety rules as set out by the local government department.

Of all the considerations that you should have in any commercial kitchen, hygiene should be at the top of your list and if the Covid19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is the importance of washing our hands and making sure that everything is clean around us. Your kitchen should have a large walk-in fridge and so it is essential that you make sure that you have the right kind of coolroom shelving that helps you to separate cooked food from raw food. This is just one of the many things that needs to happen within a hygienic kitchen area and the following are just as important.

  • Clean hands – In a busy kitchen, people frequently forget to watch their hands on a very regular basis and by not doing so, you run the risk of contaminating everything around you. Every kitchen should insist on hand hygiene and the best cleaning methods when it comes to handling food and all of the equipment that helps to prepare the food in the first place. There can be a build-up of harmful bacteria that can lead to the closing down of a kitchen and this can only have a damaging effect on your business reputation.
  • Storing food correctly – As was mentioned briefly before, you need to use things like a cooler and shelving to make sure that cooked and uncooked items are properly separated. How you stop and separate your food has a positive or a detrimental impact on the safety of your cooking processes. Always make sure that any raw food is covered within your walk-in fridge to keep the air away from it so that bacteria cannot grow. Always pay attention to that used by dates on packaging and make sure that you rotate your orders.
  • Follow the health & safety rules – The rules are in place not to restrict your business but to help it and so you need to pay attention to them at all times. Health and safety rules are in place to protect you, your staff and customers as well.

As well as the above three things, you also need to make sure that you have a waste management plan in place so that all waste is removed from the kitchen area as soon as possible.


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