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With more than 800 million users, of whom 500 million use the social media platform on a daily basis, it is no surprise that more and more companies are turning to Instagram to reach a whole new audience of potential customers.

As an incredibly fast platform, Facebook saw the perfect opportunity to invest early and decided to buy Instagram for $1 billion in 2012, and they must now be loving the return they are receiving from their investment! You can buy followers for instagram online to promote your business.

But where do you start when it comes to marketing your business on Instagram? Well, fortunately, Instagram has launched a business profile option, much like the one you find on Facebook, which is a great place to start; however, there are a few more tips and hints to get you on the road to success on Instagram:

First Tip: Create a Great profile

The small snippet of information you provide is the first thing many users will see when accessing your profile page, so it is important to spend some time thinking about what to include in your profile.

You have only 150 characters to play, so you need to think creatively. There is no way you can include all your service or products. So why not highlight your best USP and attract the visitor to know more?

This is also the only place where you can provide a clickable link to users as they do not allow links in posts unless you run a paid advertising campaign.

Most companies simply create a link to the home page and that’s it, never touch it or direct traffic to any other area of the site. However, there is no limit to the number of times you can change this link. So do not be afraid to update it regularly and also do not need to just submit it to your home page. Why not mix it up a bit by sending them to your main services page, an event registration form, a contact page or even a testimonial page to highlight what others have to say about you?

Tip Two: Be Creative with Pictures

The last thing an Instagram user will want to see is a boring old photo of a product you sell ( that is, exactly the same image they would find on your site’s product page!).

Focus on the solution that your company can provide instead of the product itself. Create images that users can relate to and say, “Hey, I could do something to help with this.” This way, they are more likely to pay attention to your posts and access your website to learn more about the product or service behind the solution they have just seen.

You can share photos, short videos, such as GIFs and videos for up to a minute on the platform, so do not be afraid to experiment to see what the best interaction is and the subsequent sales impact on your website.

Tip Three: Enjoy cross- promotion

When you get started on Instagram, it can be difficult to create followers and get people involved with your posts. However, there is a way to make the most of people who already know and love your brand on other platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, highlighting the fact that you are on Instagram as well.

There’s a good chance a large percentage of your followers on other social platforms also have an Instagram account, but you may not know what your company did. Let them know where they can find it on Instagram and watch their count of followers start to rise.

Tip Four: Do not go Crazy!

It can be very tempting to start a new social profile to go crazy with the number of posts, however, this can overwhelm an audience and lead to some of those dreaded unfollows!

Try to get started, how your audience engages with the posts you post. There is no magic formula for the number of times you should post, as this can vary considerably based on the industry sector and the target audience, so consider starting with a few posts per day where you change the publishing time. That way you can have a good idea when most of your followers are using Instagram and when you start inserting a few more posts, especially on active days.

Tip Five: Be sure to Interact

Users want to see that you also have an active interest in them, so if someone takes the time to leave a comment on one of your posts, take a few seconds to thank them for it. This will make them feel good and show everyone that you are interested in what they have to say and therefore can lead to more comments in future posts.

Remember to ask your audience questions as well to engage them and encourage sharing. A great way is to ask your followers to “mark three friends who would love it.” This creates a natural sharing, and as the “friend” was introduced to your profile by someone he knows and trusts, the reluctance to follow him will be reduced, as they will know that the person with whom he is should like and trust what you divulge.

Tip Six: Do your hashtag Search

Hashtags are the way to put your posts in front of a large audience on Instagram. before posting anything, make sure you spent some time researching hashtags that are trended according to the theme of your posting, so you can take advantage of existing popularity.

Creating your own hashtag and using it in every post can also help you get more followers, the more likely they will use your hashtag if and when they post something related to it and what you want to see.

If you sell products, you can also create a hashtag that customers can use to tag photos of them using the product in question. This can be a lot of fun for your customers and business, and you can even hold a contest where the most creative picture with your product wins a prize at the end of the month to encourage even more customers to get involved.

Tip Seven: Keep users at the edge of their seats

No matter where you run a marketing campaign, you want to keep users interested and come back for more. Through Instagram, why not reward your followers with unique news and information on new products, competitions or events? You could create a series of teaser posts that preceded the great revelation to keep them coming back, before providing this exciting information exclusively to them first.

This will make your followers on Instagram feel very special and keep them coming back to your profile to see which is the latest sneak-peek, the latest product you’ve added to your collection or that behind-the-scenes video of what your business is doing.

With a little patience and creative thinking, you can constantly increase the number of users following you on Instagram, increase engagement levels, and get more people to click on your site, buy followers for Instagram today. The platform will continue to grow in the coming months and years, so if you have not yet created a profile for your company, sign up today and start having fun with creative and engaging imagery to appeal to a new audience.

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