People travel for different reasons, and whatever may be your reasons, as long as you are travelling, you’re doing just fine. It’s because every traveller has heard the quote “collect moments, not things.” 

Travelling is essential for personal growth that extends to improve our professional growth as well. Meeting new people, understanding different cultures, eating different cuisines, learning new languages, making friends globally, connecting with yourself, discovering your passion, and much more, the reasons to travel and its benefits are endless. 

However, the experience of your travel is determined by how you plan. For example, if your choice of destination is Kerala, the experience you get by booking Kerala packages would be different from if you go chose to go on a solo trip. In both the cases though, you will certainly come back home with memories you will cherish forever. 

Let us discuss a few reasons why people love to travel –

Travel to learn

There are many things you would learn while touring that you can’t find on any textbook or Google. It applies on just about any subject, starting from culture to languages and from gastronomy to history, and more. Travelling helps you meet new people, learn about their cultures, the food they eat, the history of the place, its social dynamics, geography, and so much more. 

The local knowledge you get by interacting with people anywhere on the globe is something no internet search can offer. Moreover, travelling will help you learn a lot about yourself. It provides a deeper understanding of your limits and inspires you to push them.

Travel to switch off

A little time off the radar can be more fruitful than you can imagine. Travelling helps you enjoy freedom like no other activity. In a way, it refreshes your mind from the monotonous lifestyle you have been living and energizes your creative and logical senses. Getting away from the humdrum of life works to your advantage.

Travel to rest and relax

In our daily lives, we hardly take a day off to sit back, read a book, and relax. Most of us plan to do that on the weekend, but something or the else always comes up. Professional and personal faculties often demand a bit too much to sit and relax like we would love to. Travelling and going on vacation gives us that perfect opportunity to pause and relax. It gives us that “me” time to reflect, retrospect, and recharge. 

Explore new places

Travelling allows us to explore new places and experiences. There is just so much out there to see, experience, and enjoy. Starting from new places, new people, new cultures, unheard of food, and so much more, travelling gives us the chance to do things differently, get out of the comfort zone, and expand our physical and mental horizon. It is this playing with extremes that pushes our boundaries and develop our personality. 

Travel to eat

Don’t be on a diet when travelling, not that you would be able to maintain it while travelling. Be open to try out new flavours when travelling and you would be amazed at how much the world has to offer. Food is an essential aspect of travelling, and it gives an insight into new cultures and places. Vacation is the time you can indulge without feeling guilty. Don’t worry; you can make up for the few pounds gain when you are home.

Live out your bucket list

Everyone has their bucket list they want to fulfil during their lifetime. When it comes to travel, it might be anything from going to the Taj Mahal or a wildlife safari in the jungles of Africa or even trekking in the Himalayas. Travelling gives us a chance not only to check off your bucket list, but also to offer us a sense of fulfilment, fills us with ambition and provides us with clarity. It teaches us to let go and in a way, helps us transform into a much more mature human being. 

People love to travel because it helps them escape their daily life for a while. It is what rejuvenates our mind, body, and soul so profoundly when on vacation and why we long to go for it once it’s over. It is a sense of euphoria that travelling imparts that makes it one of the most loved activities worldwide. 

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