Ever since the rules and regulations for ELD devices became more than an optional choice, drivers, truck owners and fleet operators have been needing to install the electronic logging devices in their vehicles to comply with the law. This has led to a great increase in research and development in the area, and even just a few year old units can feel obsolete compared to the modern solutions on the market. 

So in order to make it easy for owners and operators to find the best model for their needs, we are going over some of the very best devices that you can get your hands on, and we will review the top choices as well. So keep reading!

1. Haulin’ Ass ELD

The first ELD on our list is also our favorite. With prices starting as low as $21/month for an ELD device that is fully compliant in both the US as well as Mexico, and is easy to install and set up, this is a great solution for most businesses around the US. But what we really love about this company and their devices is the simplicity with which it all works. 

The company offers a Basic ELD for $21/month per driver, and a Pro ELD for $35/month per driver. That’s it. No complicated contract schemes that require you to purchase a minimum amount of units, or sign a contract that lasts for years to come. Just choose the amount of ELD devices you need for your business, and you are ready to go.

For the price you also get access to a dedicated customer support team that can help with any request, from how to correctly mount and place the ELD unit to comply with potential ELD violations, to receiving fast inspection reports when you need them. The pro version even includes audit support, as well as both IFTA reports as well as logbooks that can be sent to you each month.

2. Samsara ELD

For large fleets Samsara can be a decent option to help keep track of everything necessary, once you get over the initial $99 startup fee and the $30 monthly fee for the subscription itself. 

The installation is rather straightforward, and as many other ELD businesses out there, Samsara also offers round the clock customer support.

Fleet managers can synchronize all the individual ELDs on their trucks in a Field Management System (FMS) by upgrading the package to a more advanced one. This can help facilitate even faster responses and better control, but can also be a bit overwhelming for small to medium sized fleets.

3. Gorilla Safety ELD

This is another fine option for especially smaller operations, though in theory there is no limit to the fleet size. With prices starting at $20/month, Gorilla Safety ELD are on the cheaper end of the scale, though we found their overall layout and workflow to be a bit confusing to navigate at first. 

Compared to other technologies out there, Gorilla Safety ELD seems to excel primarily in the area of managing documents, such as driver qualification files, registration files, repair history and so on.

4. EROAD Ehubo ELD

Next up on our list is an ELD from EROAD Ehubo. For fleets needing a system of ELD’s using cloud based storage, this solution can be a good option. It does however lie on the more expensive end of the spectrum, with prices starting at $35/month for the most simple solution.

Especially useful for roadside inspections as well as fuel and safety tracking, these ELDs are of course compliant with current regulations, and can be used in fleets of any size.

5. Teletrac Navman ELD

The last ELD on our list today comes from Teletrac Navman. This company offers a complete service for fleets, by allowing owners, drivers and operators to use the full Field Management System they have available. 

Pricing is not public, and is negotiated on an individual basis, which can scare many operators away from using this ELD service, especially the smaller ones. But customers review this ELD as being intuitive and it has also scored an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. 

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