A locksmith is the best choice before a DIY decision when time to change your locks. How much do you know about the best tools and knowledge for a lock change? If experienced, then go DIY. Otherwise,  to get the job done correctly and efficiently, a variety of options come from pros to ensure that your home remains secure. In addition to locks, there are complete home security systems to select.

There are several systems for you to choose from, the locksmith can explain each one. The following are some things that you should take into consideration as you prepare to select a locksmith.

Different Lock Options

There are two types of locks that are popular in the UK. Yale locks are common due to not requiring a key to lock them. Homeowners close the door behind them, and it locks. The problem with these locks is that they are not as secure as most homeowners would like. These locks can get easily broken by anyone wishing to get into the home.

Deadlocks are another popular style of locks in the UK. These locks do require a key to lock them, and they are more secure than the Yale lock. Many homeowners use both locks together on their doors. The Yale lock is useful during the day when they are home, or only leaving for a short period, and Deadlocks get used overnight and when they are leaving for longer periods. Using both locks adds an extra layer of security to the home.

After a Break-In

If the reason for changing the locks follows a break-in, you may have to do more than change the locks. The frame around a door is often split and damaged during a break. It will have to be repaired or replaced, and the entire door may also need replacing depending on the damage caused.

Insurance companies may offer discounts for changing your door locks. However, you should be aware that you must have the locks specified by the company, or you will not be entitled to it. It would be best to let your locksmith know, and they can help ensure you choose the right lock to take advantage of these discounts.

Expected Costs

Typically, the cost of installing a deadlock is approximately £150, and this includes parts and the cost of labour. The price for a Yale lock is about the same if you are placing the entire lock. However, if you replace the cylinder, the cost is around £125.

On average, you should expect to pay between £100 and £200 per day in labour costs. Most replacement jobs take only one to two days. However, if you are getting a complete security system installed, it can take up to a week.

Keep in mind that the level of security you choose, and the complexity of the project, will impact the cost and the time frame to get the job done. Discuss this with the locksmith to get a clearer idea as to the price and time frame and browse over types of door locks on YourJobCost.

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