You’re looking to increase productivity and creativity in your office. Yet, you aren’t sure how to best encourage your employees to improve their performance.

While employee parties and prizes are great for team-bonding, you need a more consistent source of productivity. What you may not have considered is that your office layout can impact your employee’s productivity, stress levels, and happiness.

You want the office to be a space where people feel inspired and motivated to do their best work. To get there, it needs to be conducive to all the different kinds of minds that work there.

Learn how to find productivity gold and keep your employees smiling at the same time with these tips for a productive office layout.

  1. Quality Furniture

First off, you have to get rid of those old, lumpy desk chairs that haven’t been upgraded in years. Just because they’re not falling apart (yet), doesn’t mean that your employees don’t deserve comfortable places to sit.

Incorporate different kinds of furniture throughout the office so that people can decide what kind of work seat will help them focus or relax more. Some people prefer to lounge on couches while they work, while others need to be upright in a desk chair.

Cater to all the different brilliant minds that work at your company and help them find their most productive state at the office.

  1. Different Spaces for Different Minds

As you think about buying new office chairs for your new office layout, start to brainstorm about the different kinds of spaces your employees would appreciate.

There are many different kinds of projects happening at the office, and there should be designated spaces for all of them.

You can still keep an open office layout. But also think about including quiet spaces and even private desks for people who need to be laser-focused.

Collaborative spaces are also ideal for group projects and quick meetings. And let’s be honest, a game room or social area is a great place to reset and take a break from work.

  1. Rest-Specific Spaces

Another space to include in your new office space design is a rest-specific room. While break rooms are great and all, they don’t promote true mental or physical rest.

For your employees to avoid burnout and elevate their productivity, they need to rest their minds as well. Recharge rooms are becoming more popular among many businesses who recognize that their employees spend most of their lives at the office.

Taking a mid-day nap, meditating, or simply having a moment to zone out can help the mind reset and get back to work quicker.

  1. Remember Plug-Ins and Wires

When redesigning the office, take into account where outlets and plug-ins are for phones and computers. You don’t want to put all the desks in the center of the room before you realize all the outlets are on the walls.

Plan out who needs access to plugged-in technology and incorporate that into your design plan.

  1. The Importance of Lighting

Productive office space has to include adequate, in fact excellent, lighting. Take advantage of natural light with windows and glass dividers so that the whole office can enjoy the light.

If the building your office is in doesn’t have a lot of natural sunlight, make sure you provide a variety of light solutions that provide bright, but not overwhelming, light.

You can offer individual lights for each office, as well as plenty of overhead light.

If you choose to create recharge spaces or game rooms, the lighting in these spaces can be softer or lower depending on the kinds of activities that will be most frequently enjoyed there.

  1. Balanced Decor

You may have hardly decorated your office space, or you may have chosen only hotel-worthy art pieces scattered along white walls. Consider adding some colorful art and easy-to-care-for plants to add some life to the office.

The decor doesn’t need to be expensive or super bold, but a few interesting art pieces can invigorate the mind and spark creativity.

  1. Color Psychology

When picking out decor and repainting the walls, research the effects of color psychology on work productivity. Some colors will promote creativity, happiness, and relaxation, while others can be overwhelming or feel closed-off.

Use plenty of greens, blues, and yellows in your office space. Green helps foster forward-thinking and creativity, blue is known to be calming, and yellow sparks joy.

You can accent these colors with others like orange or black that work well in conjunction with other colors.

  1. Community Boards

Hang up a couple of community boards around the office. It’s a great way to keep the office updated on office happenings and congratulate people on new milestones.

Employees can also post flyers and invite the office to parties. You can also invite your employees to collaborate to decorate the community boards for holidays and other events. Now the board serves as a community-building as well as a team-building tool.

Although you may not see everyone who works in the office every day, a community board is a good way to stay in touch.

  1. In-Office Branding

While everyone in the office knows what company they are working for (hopefully), don’t be afraid to include business interior signs in your new office layout.

You want to cultivate a sense of achievement for your employees by showing your pride in the brand you’ve created with all of their hard work and support.

The Best Office Layout

Creating a productive office space doesn’t happen in one day, but with these design tips, you can take steps to build a work-conducive space. The best office layout for your business is just around the corner, and so is increased productivity and success.

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