Computers and the technology it comes from forms an integral part of our lives today, from the movies that we watch, to the cars that we drive, to the various ways we communicate with each other.

For any person in the 21st century, understanding of computer technology and the skills that goes along with it has become increasingly more vital. Whether you would like to map something for a project at work, or create a new application, studying computing will give you that much needed competitive edge, the ability to tackle complex problems, and a career that will forever be relevant.

In order to keep your career prospects at the very pinnacle and marketable to all business settings, you should definitely consider the reasons I have outlined below for majoring in computer science:

  1. Computer Scientists Are Required More Than Ever

Whether you’re aware of it or not, we’re all living in the digital age. Computer programmes exist in almost every facet of our lives. A computer scientist is tasked to develop, design, and apply hardware and software for the many programs that we see today; a very important task.

  1. Plentiful IT Jobs

There are many counties around the world today that are experiencing a downturn in their economies, and usually this means fewer jobs. But the reality is that computer science and IT appear to be exempt from this reality. In fact, you’ll find that the need for computer qualified personnel has increased over the years.

  1. Computer Science Graduates Have Excellent Prospects

If you take some time to look at your computer science timetable, it will be immediately apparent to you that you stand a very good chance of either being employed professionally, or in additional studies, no less than 6 months after graduation. And the chance is increased greatly, if you happen to graduate from one of the best universities in your country.

  1. It Is Very Diverse

Computer science is not restricted to desktop systems. Even within the computer industry, you will find that career options are fairly expansive: desktop support, network administration, database management and programming. Those who graduate in computer science are able to specialise in a wide range of interests. Computer technology is pretty much in everything. Ever considered nanotechnology, biotechnology or even robotics? If you graduate with a degree in computing, you could at any time take up a career in one of those fields.

  1. You Degree Will Be Relevant the World Over

Much of computer science is actually practical. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be doing a lot of manual work, such as heavy lifting and cabling. You’re not restricted to simply learning and understanding theories, you’re also required to learn how to actually apply the things that you’re learning.

All over the world, people hope to use the things that you will help to create.

  1. Recession Proof Jobs

Companies today are always on the lookout for individuals that are talented in the area of computers. The number of computer jobs available far exceeds the number of qualified people to actually fill them. Experts predict that jobs in the IT industry will continue to grow by almost 37% by 2020. If you take these projections into account, you can see why companies are constantly on the lookout for talent.

That talent for the future will be created by today’s computer science students.

  1. Computer Scientists Are Required In All Industries

All industries today use a computer which means computer scientists can essentially work in any of them. Problems encountered in healthcare, engineering and science can be solved through the use of a computer. It’s the job of the computer scientist to devise a solution, and design something to solve problems.

  1. Cool People Are Into It

I’m a geek and many or most of my friends are geeks, but the reality is that computing is seen as cool today. There’s that old stereotype of computer lovers being geeks and nerds holed up in their mothers basement with a headset and several monitors and mice, munching on a large packet of crisps, which probably does describe some people, to be honest. But computer professionals and students come from all walks of life, with a range of personal interests and personalities to boot. Most of us have real lives, with friends and families.


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