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Investing in the real estate is not as easy as putting money in equities. But, its still one of the most popular market to invest and get great returns. You can either put money in real estate investment trust or in groups, or can become a landlord and sell/rent the property to someone.

With that, if you want to stretch your dollars to area that give you huge benefits, investing in the location is an  important factor that need consideration.

The best location to invest in real estate for equity growth and for the cash flow have three things common, which is growth of the area, population growth in that are and affordability of the property.

Check out these 8 places that are best for investing in real estate:

Orlando, Florida:  

Orlando is quite popular among single families who want fully furnished and renovated properties. Besides, the rental rates in the place has never seen a slow and is expected to increase in the coming years. With cash flow, the values of property is on upswing with no signs of slowing.

There’s no state income tax and the property taxes and insurance rates are low. Invest here, add health care facilities in your property and you will see many baby boomers attracting toward your property.  

United States:

The US property market is evolving, with foreigners from EB-5 Visas coming to choose the country as their most trusted investment destination. the stability of the market, technological advancements and more has made buying propert overseas easy and smooth.

In fact, the Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate, has touted US the safest real estate market. moreover, the properties are cheaper in US as compared to the UK and other Canadian cities.  

San Franciso, CA:

San Francisco is one of the top destinations for investing in the US real Estate, with highest share of foreign purchase of all US residents amounted aproximately to 14%.

Property investors resort to investing in real estate of San Francisco because of huge tax benefits, tax shelters and property appreciations. Besides, the job growth is another reason for the property investors investing in San Francisco.

Los Angeles,CA:

LA is another top destinations for foreign investors investing money in US estate market.  the favorable demographics, firm housing market and a booming business district make it the most favorable place to invest. Rising household income and demand of the space make the city popular for investments.


Low taxes, skilled workforce and the state’s prosperity are some reasons that make Georgia make the best property investment place for many investors.

The investors can also find affordable residences to buy and rent properties in the city.

Miami, Fl:

The Miami real estate is always on high with condominiums, single-family homes and other luxurious apartments taking the credit of most sales of Florida.

Besides, the Miami’s vibrancy, overgrowing tourism, economic stability and low cost of living are other reasons that make Miami one of the best cities to invest in real estate.


Potential growth in the home and affordable housing is the reason behind Idaho’s huge investments. For property owners, rental rates in this place are always on high, especially in the Boise area.  


Mississippi has lowest cost of living and gives you the most purchasing power for every dollar you would invest. The three big real estate markets for investing in the Mississippi are Gulfport, Hattiesburg and Jackson with combined home price of $191,633 (approx).

So, now you know which places can give you high investments, try them before spending dollars.

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