Looking to add more recreational ways to add cannabis to your life? There are hundreds out there, some providing more health benefits than the others. You can choose from several ways to dose on marijuana to get that quality euphoria. And there are ways that you can consume it to demolish a health issue or become robust. CBD has elements that can work on your brain to provide relief from anxiety and stress. It also offers anti-inflammatory components that help prevent cardiac arrests and slow the process of cancer. Well, I could go on, but I don’t want to keep you from acknowledging the best ways to consume such a gifted drug. So read on!


You can call it vapes or cannabis pens. There are methods to smoke cannabis that is neither as harmful as the other ways and nor does it create that reek in your mouth. A vape pen is a much popularized and well-received item for consuming cannabis. This is due to its portability and it being safer than the other methods. The marijuana that you inhale with a vape or a mod will be less harmful as it is not heated by the destructive combustion method that can damage the lungs severely.


These are the most recreational way for you to enjoy cannabis. The world has so wholly embraced cannabis after its legalization that it has been transformed into several edibles. These edibles are sometimes brownies and other snacks. These foods aren’t primarily made to supply you with euphoria but they can provide useful nutrients that can boost health. And if you search for recipes and give a try to making the best edibles at home, the health-inducing factor can become even more elevated rather than that from processed canna chocolates and candies.


Several beverages are emerging with different formulas and concentrations of CBD and THC that may or may not provide a high depending on the deliberations. You can find cannabis tea and coffee on many utility stores’ shelves. You can choose to get highly concentrated ones that provide good buzz and help in spending an energizing day. Some drinks are made of marijuana concentrations including juices, shakes and cocktails that you can sip on to get a slight high and bit of energy providing satisfaction to taste buds.

Topical Products

Creams and lotions comprising of cannabis are popular these days. They have the ability to treat skin conditions as well as relieve chronic pain. You can apply one on any affected area and it is sure to revive you of pain for injury. These topical products don’t have a psychoactive side and only work to provide treatment. If you have a prevailing pain or condition, you can ask your doctor before applying it to your skin.


Different types of pipes, including hookah, bongs or rigs, are the favorite thing for many smokers that have a need for euphoria. Having these in their lodgings is a must. Likewise, cannabis pipes can also be found in drug markets and they are very highly looked at than the typical smoking methods. They are of mesmerizing structures to keep at home and provide a healing and relaxing high that no other instrument can.

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