There are several reasons as to why we are borrowing money from the banks or looking for an alternative lender. It could be a) you wanted to invest in something and you need a fund to do so, b) you need it for an emergency, or c) you are planning to get a mortgage or a car loan.

Whichever the reason is, it is equally important to know more about how you can find the best loan provider that is suited to your actual needs.

Here, we compile the top 5 tips on choosing the best loan provider so you won’t be lost and you’ll get the best experience when paying the borrowed money.

  • Ask your circle of friends and colleagues for recommendations
  • Find a company that has been operating for years already
  • Look at the reviews from their previous clients
  • Ask them lots of questions
  • Find a loan provider that can give you the best value that you are looking for

Ask your circle of friends and colleagues for recommendations

If you have friends who have processed a loan before, they are the ones that you should ask first. Like they always say, nothing beats personal experience over something. 

It’s like asking your friend where the best restaurant in town is based on their recommendation of food and experience. It might not be exciting and as delicious as to get a loan but the experience counts. 

The reason why is, friends don’t lie about their reviews and definitely won’t promote something (especially for taking out a loan) that they don’t like. Well, unless they’re part of the loan provider’s company, which rarely happens. 

Find a company that has been operating for years already

There are people who have opted to choose alternative lenders instead of the traditional ones. And sometimes, the company closes down when they still have the loan active on their account. Even if that means that you’re not going to pay anything in the succeeding months because they no longer operate, that also means hassle. 

One important thing that you should always look at for a company is how long they have been operating their business. It’s true that you should never judge a book by its cover (a new company could be better performing than the older ones) but it’s also not a secret that most new companies fail if they don’t have that great foundation at the start. 

It’s not easy to start a licensed money lending company like Cash Mart Singapore, let alone manage it. So, if it’s your first time taking out a loan, you have to check the company’s background if they have a good track record and if they can last longer than what they promised. 

Look at the reviews from their previous clients

The best place to look for reviews from previous clients is the internet. You might not see any reviews on their Facebook page but you can check them on review forums online. The truest comments and reviews are found on forums – whether they are just normal people giving their opinion about their experience with the company or whether they are just against them. 

Whatever information you get from those forums, use them to weigh your options when deciding where to get your first loan. 

Ask them lots of questions

When I say “lots”, it means LOTS of questions for real. These questions are those questions not listed on their FAQ page or based on what you have collected during your research. 

Example of questions that you need to know deeper are:

  1. Interest rates
  2. Repayment timeline and option
  3. Anything that you have in mind that concerns your application

Never, ever, sign a contract or apply for a payday loan when you still have lots of questions inside your head. 

Find a loan provider that can give you the best value that you are looking fo

We, as a paying client or customer, always look for something that can give us the best value. Even if we buy something through impulse, we always see the value in it even if we don’t review the product or service that much.

In order for you to know if you’re going to get value from the specific company is to compare every company that you have listed and weigh down which one gives the best value for the situation that you currently have

It’s true that any of those companies on your list can lend you money. 

But it’s not true that any of those companies can make you smile with the value that they provide.

They could have shared the same principles and vision in the company but they might not be able to know that in order to provide superb customer experience, they need to be the only one resolving your current needs.


No matter what your situation in life, whether you want to invest in something or you just need money for an emergency, it is always a must for you to follow these 5 top tips on choosing the best loan provider. So you won’t get stressed and broke in the end. 

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