Tired of the usual common holidays? Maybe it’s time to make a change! A road trip could be the right option for you. You would have many places to see in a single holiday and a single requirement: getting adventurous! Road trips, known in many American films, are becoming more and more appreciated. Let’s see our top 5 road trips you cannot miss to experience this innovative way to spend their holidays. Let’s do this!

Natural full immersion into the Black Forest

In Europe, one of the best road trips is definitely the one in the enchanting Black Forest. The paths that can be done are different, some completely immersed in the woods and others that, instead, prefer the passage inside the small villages of the area. Before leaving, it is, therefore, better to decide what kind of experience one wants to live so you will be ready for it. You can decide to use some nearby city as a starting point to optimize your road trip.

Exploring the gold road in Uzbekistan

This is certainly one of the most courageous and “wild” choices that will nevertheless leave indelible memories in who will take off in this adventure. It is about 700 km to be covered with an off-road, given the not perfect quality of the roads. The trip has as its destination the city of Samarkand, the fundamental point of the Silk Road that connected Europe and China and declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Australian vibes all over the Great Ocean Road

Now let’s go to the other side of the world, in Australia, on one of the most famous and appreciated road trip itineraries. They are about 400 km, departing from Melbourne. The places to visit are endless: Torquay, famous paradise for surfers, Anglesea and the black lighthouse of Otway where we will be advised to leave the car temporarily to enjoy a natural path along which to admire kangaroos and koalas.

Enjoying breathtaking views in South Island

It is the place where we can find more landscapes in one trip. In a few hours, you can go from fairytale snowy mountains to fun beaches, passing through various cities including the most important one in Christchurch. One of the favorite destinations for visitors is definitely the locality of Kaikoura, a marine paradise where, without too much difficulty, it is possible to admire whales and seals. If you’re looking for a breathtaking experience, it’s the road trip that’s right for you.

Living the American dream with Route 66

When you hear talk of a road trip, everyone’s mind cannot go to the famous Route 66, the road par excellence, seen in hundreds of films and listened to as many songs and stories. Connect Santa Monica to Chicago but, be careful, on official maps it is not reported! Before leaving, it is therefore essential to obtain a detailed itinerary of the road to follow in order not to run into unpleasant setbacks. 7000 kilometers of history that at least once in life should be traveled. In short: this is the mother of all road trips!

Find a great deal on car hire to get started!

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So, if you are tired of the same old way of traveling a road trip could be the right option for you! It’s convenient, adventurous and exciting and you can easily create your own travel plan with an interesting itinerary focused on what you love the most: Art? Beach? Relaxation? Hiking? You can choose whatever you want and start exploring the world from a different unique perspective. So what are you waiting for? Your road trip is waiting for you!

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