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Programming languages or certifications are some of the most important skills to master in the rapidly growing sector of IT. Algorithms (set of instructions to solve a task) are used for executing a task, Such as that programming is a computer language or one can say digital language that has a set of instructions or rules that are laid down by the programmer to execute or produce an output.

The sector of developer and programming is emerging at an unprecedented rate. Mobile app development is one of the hottest skills in the market. It is required in developing several things and is used abundantly in fields such as software engineering, web development, android, distributed systems and anything that is dependent on automation and that surrounds us. Some top known programming languages that have a huge future and are always in demand for this from this ending year to entirety of 2020.


Python is a programming language that has a lot of applications to today and even have a very bright and heavily required skill for the coming years. It tops on any recommendation list for a reason. It is broadly considered as the best language to get familiar with. It can easily be a replacement for java language due to the fact that it has a quality performance and simple syntax.

It is quick, easy to understand and deployable programming language and has a huge job base. It plays a vital role in developing web applications that are scalable. Most famous and heavy traffic generated websites like Pinterest, Youtube etc all are based on and built in this programming language. Python has an outstanding support of its library and a huge community of developers. Some of its merits and demerits are:


  • Huge library support
  • Easy to understand and use
  • Scalable language for any complex app.
  •  It is open source and has a huge & growing community support.


  • Database layer access is immature.
  • Not mobile friendly.


C/C++ is a first taught language that any beginner in programming field is taught as it teaches the basics of coding and programming language. It helps you gain a strong foundation in basic experience and the mindset that you require as a programmer. It helps beginners advance their basics from Object Oriented Programming and provide real time solutions. It is used to design file systems, operating systems etc.  It is used in competitive programming due to its advantage of being stable and fast. It has a standard Template library (STL) which is ready to use to deal with data structures, algorithms and arithmetic operations. Due to its speed and support of library it is a frequent choice for community. Its level or difficulty and job rate is moderate & some of its merits and demerits are:


  • Programs are much faster than its peers (other languages).
  • Efficient and easy to get familiar with programs.
  • Creates the backbone for understanding many complex programming languages.
  • Its level of abstraction is low.


  • Its syntax is quite complex.
  • It is not an easy 1st choice for learning to code.
  • It has huge level issues with memory corruption and buffer overflow.


Java is a programming language that is its use case on frontend and has been used massively to design and create frontend applications. A quick example to be considered is that of a pop up that appears on certain websites with some sort of eye opening message. This is done via JavaScript. Most software houses or startups use NodeJS, which is a runtime environment based on JavaScript. Node.js allows its coders to use the JavaScript to deal with scripting on server side. These scripts of server side generate web page content that is dynamic and is sent to the client side on browser. It can also be used for mobile applications. It is one of the strongest and unique languages in the programming world. Java can be replaced but java script cannot be due to its uniqueness and the fact that it is a leader in the IT sector. It is easy to learn and has a huge job base. Some Merits and Demerits may include.


  • Provides a richer taste to the website.
  • Plays well with other programming languages.
  • Displays results on user side immediately as coded.
  • Used to create a wide variety of applications.


  • Inheritance can only be applied once.
  • Has a possibility to be read differently by different web browsers.
  • It is often disabled due to the fear of malicious attacks.


C# is a multi level programming language developed by the Microsoft. It is widely used for server side programming, making games with frameworks such as unity, creating apps on smart phones and several more use cases. Its programming language is general purpose and is quite strong, easy and dynamic when it comes to understanding and using.

Its syntax is simple enough for any beginner to understand and get up to speed with it. Along with other competitors of java, C# is also one huge competitor. C# Coders creates and design applications such as PC games, desktop apps, mobile games and apps among other things. This programming language if you get a good grip is high paying and demand is quite moderate. Few Merits and Demerits might includes


  • Pointer types are not allowed, making it safe as compared to c/c++.
  • Compilation and execution is very quick.
  • Works well irrespective of windows.
  • Has syntax similar to the C language.


  • Is less flexible as compared to C++.
  • Takes time and effort to understand and work on.
  • Dealing with errors requires higher caliber understanding of the language.


iOS applications & based devices highly depend on swift programming language for its development and with increasingly getting popular as apple is launching new  products every other day. Due to Apple’s huge competition against android, this opens a huge potential to serve its coders and develops to learn and work on this programming language. It is mostly focus only building and designing mobile based apps for its iOS operating system.  Level of difficulty and job scope is moderate.

Merits :

  • Prevents leaks.
  • Easy to increment new add-ons.
  • Scalability is much better on adding new develops and products.


  • It has a handful of resources and support from community.
  • Unstable at some extent due to its being a newbie on programming language.

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