The food delivery business is changing at remarkably lighting speed. Restaurant owners believe that going online and spreading their reach is the most viable option to ensure steady business growth. This will not only allow business owners to expand their brand, but it will also significantly boost their revenue stream.

Having a great online presence can make the business “pleasantly visible” to its clients who they haven’t reached through word-of-mouth or traditional marketing strategies. From being people who will never knock on the business owners’ restaurant doors, these new market segments will become the source of business foot traffic. Adam Guild

However, online presence can’t be created by merely tapping customers on their shoulders and telling them that you have a great restaurant they should visit. Aside from persuading them to choose you instead of the competition, you have to make everything smooth and accessible to them. And what better way to skyrocket your sales boosting chances than ensuring a customer-friendly Restaurant Online Ordering Systems?

You can still be visible online without having to set up a restaurant online ordering system, but the thing is, you’ll definitely be missing out on an income-generating opportunity.

So what are the benefits of having an online ordering system for your restaurant? Here are three of these key advantages.

More and More Customers Choose Restaurant Apps and Websites Compared to Food Portals

 Many studies and researches point to the fact that more often than not, customers opt to order straight from the website of a restaurant or through its mobile app instead of using a 3rd-party application.

This is an opportunity that your business shouldn’t miss so grab the chance!

Everything is a Single Click Away!

The major selling point here is that it’s making everything very convenient for your customers. Today, people can just order online with the use of their tablets and smartphones. Studies spearheaded by Viggle and the Advertising Bureau suggest that around 69% of the consumers order food with the use of their mobile device. Meaning, whether they are on the bus, stuck in heavy traffic, or on a break, anybody can just virtually place a painless and quick order.

This is very good for restaurant owners because it means more business. For the customers, this means that they don’t have to waste time since they can just order on their mobile device.

It’s Comfortable, Easy, and Fast!

Customers don’t have to physically visit the store, place an order, and bring it home. Whether they’re still at the office or at school, they can just reach out to the restaurant, make their order, and have it delivered or schedule for pick-up anytime they want. No need to queue to get your favorite food. No need to go out on a lazy night to prepare your family’s meal. Everything can be done with one click.


Simply put, as a business owner, you should never pass on any opportunity that can make you grow your business and your income stream. You don’t have to sweat it to do this physically. You just need to talk to a reliable system provider, tell them about your needs, and have them do the leg work for you. For advice and consultation, you can call 9Fold today and start making progress in your online restaurant business.

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