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From those that are looking to be a DIY expert or in need of a plumbing professional, there is a set of specific tools that must be brought to every job.

Issues that arise in the household will be found on a regular basis, no matter whether the plumber is based in Regents Park, Mascot or Blacktown.

These will range from drainage issues to clogged toilets, dripping faucets, pipe faults, gas leaks and problems around the bathroom.

By acquiring a select group of tools that every quality plumber will have at their disposal, these ailments can be alleviated with some diligent application.

The saying often goes that a good plumber never blames their tools and with these nine on hand, that is never a scenario that has to be entertained.


There are no bells or whistles to the plunger. Simple by design and effective when it comes to the task of unclogging a toilet or sink, the plunger is widely regarded as the number one go-to tool for anyone seeking a smoother path through a drain or pipe.

The plunger has been modernised to some degree over the years, with a Power Plunger available for those blockages that refuse to be budged.

Adjustable Wrench

Versatility is a crucial asset to have when encountering a plumbing problem, given the array of shapes and sizes that will come with various sink, toilet and gas systems within a particular domicile.

An adjustable wrench can adapt to whatever hex-shaped nut is needed to come loose, with the only issue revolving around the jaw. So long as that holds in place, the wrench can tackle most fittings.

Tape Measure

There are some tools that have a timeless quality to them, being adaptable and useful for a variety of problems.

The pocket-sized tape measure is one of those little gems that a plumber can bank on, examining in no time the size of a task up to 100 feet.

Pipe Cutters

Securing a clean cut with a pipe is so important when investigating a plumbing issue.

Creating any additional cuts that expose a pipe will result in all manner of headaches in the medium to long-term and a pipe cutter can operate in tight spaces without much strain required from the user.


When a clog occurs, sometimes it is necessary to cut directly through to the problem area.

This is where the handyman’s hacksaw pays for itself, opening up plastic and metal pipes, bolts, screws and almost anything that can be cut through the blade. Ensure that the handle holds strong and extra blades are kept on hand.

Inspection Camera

A plumber cannot be expected to be all seeing and knowing when it comes to clogs and leaks in the house.

Sending down an inspection camera will allow the user to see exactly where the source of the problem lies, weaving through any gap with expert efficiency.

Shower Wall Adhesive

Plumbers rely on this for their day-to-day operation, needing a shower wall adhesive to bond linings that can erode in the bathroom.

Various types are available to purchase from department stores, but the best to source are those shower wall adhesives that are waterproof and resistant to heat and steam.

Cordless Drill

Working with electrical equipment around water is clearly an occupational health and safety hazard, so it is integral that a clever and cautious approach is required.

The cordless drill ticks this box and is a fantastic multipurpose piece of equipment to have on hand.

From drilling holes to driving screws, all that is needed to maintain the cordless drill is keeping the battery levels high as it can be picked up and carried anywhere.

Allen Keys

Allen keys are essential to have in the home in spite of any plumbing problem, yet they are very handy when it comes to this domain.

The Allen key, or Hex key as they can be known, applies to a majority of screws that are found to keep showerheads or taps in tact.

They can be purchased in department stores as a set or collection and will be value for money as they are incredibly durable tools.

A 24/7 plumber Sydney can now rest easy knowing they have a basic set of tools at their disposal.

There will be issues that arise in the household that might require something more specialised in this field, but having hold of these will ensure that most plumbing problems can be tackled immediately.

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