1. Know Your Wood Types

Veneers, composite wood or particle, and solid wood are the three categories in wood furniture

Solid wood furniture looks great and it is more expensive than other types of furniture. However, solid wood furniture is susceptible to water rings and scratches. Several thin layers of high-quality wood cover the base of veneers. The base is made from cheap wood. Veneers are cheap as solid wood pieces due to the cheaper core. For great quality furniture take a look at The Citizenry.

A combination of plastics, wood pulp, and resin is used to make composite wood particle board pieces. These types of wood furniture look decent, even though they are the cheapest ones. However, they will not last for decades. 

  1. Check Your Cabinets and Drawers

Open your cabinets and drawers. Ensure your drawer shuts evenly, latches properly, and pulls out completely. Ensure your doors open and remain in an open position. The doors should not snap closed as you try to remove something out of your cabinet. Inspect your knobs and handles. They should not turn or jiggle, but they should fit tightly. 

  1. Do Not Use Nails and Glue

Check if there are wood joined, which are not nailed in or glued, at the corners. Wood joinery pieces can take more weight and are studier. That is how they are known in the manufacturing world. 

  1. Consider Your Lifestyle

Consider your lifestyle before choosing your fabrics and colors. For example, my large, hyper dog climbs on my furniture constantly, so my dog will tear apart and stain my couch if I buy a white suede couch. You need to choose stain-resistant and dark colors tough fabrics, such as tweed or linen, especially if you have kids or pets in your home. 

  1. Choose Colors Wisely 

I once visited a furniture outlet store and bought an orange corduroy. I had decorated my house with white, blue, and orange colors at the time. I thought I would love these colors forever. My “forever” only lasted for a year. I got tired of the orange color, so I sold it at a cheaper price. You can learn from my mistake, so choose bigger and more expensive pieces with neutral colors. Use bold colors for your décor pieces.

  1. Inspect the Legs

The sofa or chair should have heavy, wood legs, which are jointed and not nailed. Metal, rubber, or plastic legs do not hold up, can tear up your floors, and they do not look great. This is also true for nailed-in wood legs. You should look for a sofa with a fifth leg in the middle if you want to spend over $1,000 on a sofa. The extra leg provides support. You will not find an extra leg on the cheap sofas. 

  1. Check the Springs

Choose a sofa with traditional coiled springs if you like firm sofas. Choose zigzag coils if you want a softer feel. Before buying, press down on the base of the sofa after taking off the cushions. Make sure the coils push down and spring back into place instantly.

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